What is the basic level AAT qualification?

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Future Connect is happy to assist and guide you through the AAT Qualifications. The AAT courses are internationally recognised accounting and financial credentials.

Now and again, you might use a helping hand. This guide will explain all you need to know about the course, career options, assessments, and remuneration when you finish the requirements.

What is an AAT qualification?

AAT has been in existence since 1980. With over 150,000 members in over 90 countries, AAT is the foremost professional association for accounting technicians. 

The AAT is sponsored by the UK’s leading chartered accountancy organisations, CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA, and ICAS.

The employer requires employees to have AAT credentials. According to a recent Xero study, more accounting and bookkeeping practises deemed AAT skills more important than any other competence when hiring.

The goal isn’t only to study theories. It gives you the certainty that the AAT course will significantly impact your career. You’ll get critical abilities that you can use right away, even before finishing the course.

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AAT Level 2

The Foundation Certificate AAT level 2 in Accounting is for students who want to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical abilities to continue their education and seek a rewarding profession in accounting.

You will acquire a comprehensive and complete introduction to accountancy while strengthening your finance management, bookkeeping, accounting software, and buying abilities.

Learning outcomes

In AAT training, you will cover the following topics:

  1. Bookkeeping transaction
  2. Bookkeeping controls
  3. Costing components
  4. Working efficiently in the financial sector
  5. Making use of accounting software

You’ll be in courses with like-minded people and nice and encouraging teachers.

Bookkeeping Transactions

This module instructs you on using the double-entry accounting system (debits and credits). It demonstrates how to recognise and use the different accounts (expense, income, asset, and liability). It is the most challenging unit of the AAT certification, but it is also the most important. Bookkeeping transaction modules will get you started on your AAT adventure and prepare you for the remainder of the course.

bookkeeping controls

It’s a follow-up to what you learned in accounting transactions class. This part will teach you how to use control accounts, discover problems, and create journal entries to correct or change them.

Costing components

It is the basis of management accounting. It will teach you how to assess inventory, categorise expenses, and manage overhead costs. You will be well equipped for the level 3 and 4 management units.

Foundation level synoptic

This unit will teach you how to “operate successfully in finance.” This test is special because it includes questions from all three sections (bookkeeping transactions, bookkeeping controls and elements of costing). 

It will assist in explaining the intricacies of functioning in an office setting. It will teach you solid work habits and a little bit about professional ethics. 

It is a test to see if you remembered everything you learned in the previous three units. A written exercise is also part of this test. You’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of a topic by writing an explanation.

Accounting software

This module will show you how to utilise accounting software. You’ll learn how to use the programme, input data, and create reports. It’s a fun unit because it’s all done with software. It’s critical to understand because most firms today use accounting software.

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AAT course Advantages

  1. To keep you involved and motivated to finish the course, your interactive training will comprise a series of videos and reading materials.
  2. Our team of specialists, including AAT practitioners who instruct at the college level, wrote and designed the AAT course, providing classroom-quality training to your online course.
  3. Advanced examinations will be administered during your course to check that you have grasped the topic matter.
  4. Test your overall knowledge through practise assessments.
  5. A study plan is given to assist you in staying focused and on track.
  6. When necessary, we update our course materials to guarantee that our students always receive the most up-to-date version of our course.
  7. If you don’t log in, you’ll receive an email to remind you to do so.

Options for a career

Due to financial management being the foundation of any organisation, so demand for bookkeeping and finance skills is consistently strong compared to other industries. 

Employers prefer AAT candidates because it establishes a degree of quality and competence. AAT increases the value of your CV and profession. 

You’ll be able to correctly handle finances, budgeting, and cash flow due to the hands-on manufacturing training, and you’ll be a big part of helping your company grow.

You have the freedom to pick where your chosen goals lead you after completing the AAT qualification; you can:

  1. Begin working right immediately.
  2. Create a practice for accounting and secretarial services.
  3. Become a chartered accountant, sometimes known as a CA.


The AAT level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting is for students who want to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical abilities to continue their education and seek a rewarding profession in accounting.

While strengthening your abilities in finance administration, bookkeeping, accounting software, and buying, you will acquire a comprehensive and complete introduction to accountancy.

The most critical stage is to complete Level 2 AAT. The AAT certificate will teach you all of the accounting fundamentals. Furthermore, it will provide a solid foundation for your future career.