What painting colours are appropriate for strata buildings?

Building a structure and then structuring it are both problematic jobs. On the other hand, the building makeover is the next task to face. Another problem is choosing the proper color for your Strata building while keeping it unique and different from competitors. Setting the building up high and using sophisticated and bright colours to catch customers’ attention. If you are in Australia and are looking for the best services, you should consider painting services in Perth.

This article will provide you with a variety of colour contrasts and suggestions for both the exterior and interior sides, saving your time and money both.

Painting Colours 

Choosing a neutral paint colour is the best option for Painting Services in Perth. It will be less appealing and filthy if painted in a harsh and brilliant colour. However, you can use bright colours in interior spaces to draw attention and make them more appealing. However, adopting a bright colour for the exterior body will make it look less stranded and more attractive.

Neutral White: (use it for the exterior Body) On an immense horizon, neutral White helps emphasise natural light and widen the area. White is a hue that is loud and mild to the human eye.

Neutral Grey: (Use it for the exterior body) The ideal combination is grey with white or grey with black. It’s a beautiful colour for folks who are idealistic and graceful. This colour gives the object cosiness and warmth to the human eye. It’s easy to access Painting Services in Perth for your brand building startup.

Blue : (both interior and exterior side) People frequently paint commercial paintings in Perth in dark blue or bluish-black. Blue is commonly utilised in marketing because the structure appears trustworthy and competent.

Red: (exterior and interior side) Commercial painters in Perth frequently use red colors. This colour has a strong influence on the human eye. Because red is a hue that attracts attention, it is commonly employed in government organisations and commercial buildings.Now we’ll talk about which colours should be avoided in commercial structures provided by Painting Services in Perth.

But first, let’s discuss the paint colours in the interiors

  • Avoid dark colours

Dark colours are frequently employed for outdoor spaces; nevertheless, they should not be used for inside paints. Why? Because it shrinks and narrows the space. Black paint is used to hide the region exposed to natural light. If it isn’t, though, it will cram the area more than it appears.

  • The wrong shade of White

You’re probably wondering what the wrong White is. Wrong White is for the interior design because it makes the area larger and more inviting, which is not suitable for commercial buildings.

  • Tones that are earthy or murky

Avoid employing a dirty and muddy tone if you’re in a high-traffic location. What distinguishes these paints? Brown, mud-red, dingy brown, filthy white, and blue are the colours. When purchasing a commercial painting, you must exercise extreme caution regarding the tones of paint.

Note: Before choosing the paint for your building, consult with commercial painters in Perth. (If you’re in Perth, consult your local painter and avail the opportunity of  Painting Services in Perth)

Avoid these exterior paint colours

Because the building’s façade is the first thing visitors see, it’s critical to get it right. When choosing paint colours, think about the building’s architecture and materials, the surrounding area, your services, and current trending

  • Brown

Do you have any idea? Due to its lack of visual appeal, brown is dubbed the “ugliest hue in the world”. Australian people, particularly in Perth hardly use brown colour for the strata building. 

Choosing more than three colours for your exterior paint creates a disconnected and overbearing impression. On the other hand, using only one colour is likely to be too uninteresting and will not set you apart from your neighbours. 

  • Colors that pop

Although a splash of colour on the front door or shutters can be appealing, staying away from colors too out can be ordinary for people. While bright green or yellow may appeal to kids, most tenants do not. But, to the professional one, it seems a bit unsightly.


These suggestions and colours are deal to begin with if want to choose the Strata painting choosing process. To avoid any regrets, plan and speak with commercial painting contractors before choosing the colour for Strata Building. We’ve compiled a list of the best colors to use and those to avoid. It’s worth noting that using too many colours or making your building overly brilliant can make it appear less dense and engaging. Use neutral colours to keep things simple.