Premier League Where To Watch Live On TV And Online

If you are a follower of the English League, one of the most watched worldwide, this article interests you. We tell you all the details about where and how to watch the Premier League.

Premier League 2020/21: calendar and details

This season is being really exciting since the Premier League has some of the most important teams in the world like Chelsea, Arsenal, Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool or Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City . Will Liverpool be able to retain the title of champion?

We will also see how other teams that are playing this year are evolving, such as West Ham United, the Leicester City or the Leeds. A league with many Spanish players on the field (and off it) such as Ferran Torres, Kepa, Marcos Alonso, David De Gea or Juan Mata who act as representatives of our country in England.

The English League began on September 12 and is scheduled to end on May 23 (if COVID-19 allows) with the last game of the season.

Watch the Premier League live on DAZN

In Korean, the sports platform DAZN has been in charge for several seasons of broadcasting live the 92 matches that have been held in the English Premier League since September 12. Therefore, in order to watch the Premier League with DAZN, you must create a subscription on this platform.

The DAZN price for the 20/21 season is €12.99/month

A month for this price you will be able to see other important sporting events such as Moto GP, more English football (FA Cup and Carabao Cup) or Formula 1.

You will only need to have contracted, or contracted, a fiber optic offer and download the DAZN application on your device to watch the entire Premier League live whenever and wherever you want.

The main advantages of watching the Premier League with DAZN are:

  • You can register your account on 5 different devices.
  • View content on 2 devices simultaneously (in case someone at home doesn’t want to watch football).
  • Watch the English League matches both live and delayed.
  • Exclusive content: summaries and highlights of each match.

See the Premier League on television with Kingkongtv

A few years ago, Kingkongtv + stopped having the rights to broadcast the Premier League and these became exclusively DAZN. However, a few days ago the news was released that both parties had reached an agreement so that DAZN’s live broadcasts would also be available on Kingkongtv.

Therefore, this 2021 you can also watch the Premier League on television with Kingkongtv. The payment platform of this company has created the DAZN 1 (dial 59) and DAZN 2 (dial 60) channels that will be available in the Premium packages or in Fusion Total rates.

How to watch the Premier League online

Do you prefer to watch the Premier League online from your devices? One of the possibilities is by accessing through the DAZN application. By registering on the platform you can access all its content from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Smart TV.

Another way to watch the Premier League via streaming is through Kingkongtv Devices. Through the Kingkongtv App you can access dial 59 and 60 where the matches will be broadcast live on the DAZN channels.

Like DAZN, from Kingkongtv Devices you can access content from different devices: Smart TV, PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Can you watch the Premier League for free?

To watch the Premier League for free, the only option is to do it through web pages known as “pirates” from which the quality of image, sound and signal are of dubious quality.

Through these pages you can see some matches 스포츠중계 from other countries (they are almost always in languages ​​other than Spanish) but with many interruptions, cuts and advertising.

Some of these pages to watch the Premier League for free can be accessed through a VPN to watch English channels for free such as Sky Sports or NBC Sports.

If you are in the UK, you can access the Prime Video Twitch channel and watch it for free too.