Types Of Material Handling Equipment For Warehouse Needs

Material handling equipment covers a range of tools, vehicles, and storage equipment necessary for helping move materials and goods in the warehouse. The easier it is to access more materials and goods in a warehouse, the more convenient and efficient it can be. And to help increase and maintain that efficiency, your warehouse needs the right equipment and tools to handle the job. This is where the handling equipment comes into play to make things easier for employees. With several types of equipment available in the market, it’s vital to know and understand what will work for you. Here are different equipment types you can consider.

Pallet Stackers

A pallet stacker helps organise materials and goods in a warehouse. It increases the efficiency of the storage space you have to make movement of materials easy. They are the perfect equipment for warehouses with limited or small spaces as they have high manoeuvrability and thus can fit in smaller or narrow spaces. Stackers come in three main options: 

These different options also have their specifications and qualities to help you meet the different needs of your warehouse.

Floor Cranes

These are the mini versions of cranes, best suited for smaller spaces. Floor cranes have a wide range of uses for lowering and lifting, which have also earned them several names, like workshop crane. They are easy to use and can handle loads of up to 1000 kgs. When it comes to lifting and lowering materials and goods, they are the perfect fit. Floor cranes come in different options:

  • Semi-electric floor cranes
  • Manual floor cranes

The semi-electric ones are the best choice if you want to save time and workforce. However, the manual one is also efficient and more cost-effective.


You will need a forklift if your warehouse operations handle indoor and outdoor jobs. You can use the counterbalanced electric forklift of the combustion engine. While they all offer the same service with limited differences, using a mini forklift in the warehouse can prove more productive. They can lift to 1000 kgs and are the best economical option for a fastened work delivery. Moreover, mini forklifts help increase warehouse safety for workers and products. Instead of manually trying to get stacked items that could otherwise fall, causing injuries and breakages, the mini forklift will do this job seamlessly.

Hand Pallet Trucks

These are the simplest yet very conventional material-handling equipment you can ever have in a warehouse. They can handle heavy weights within short distances in the warehouse. They are usually perfect for indoor use and can fit in between small spaces, making them ideal for warehouses with limited space. Moreover, hand pallet trucks have fewer maintenance requirements because you can operate them manually. This will cut the cost of maintenance in the long run.

Pallet Lifts

Unlike hand pallet trucks, pallet lifts are essential for handling materials at the highest parts of the warehouse. They have an automated system that moves the materials vertically. So, they are perfect for moving items or pallets in the storage channels inside the racking. For instance, if you need to move some items from one racking row to another, they are the perfect tool.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

If you have a bigger warehouse dealing with tons of materials and goods, you need to have the means to handle those materials in a one-time move. This will save time, increase efficiency and improve the speed of the warehouse. Some of the equipment you can use for such duties include:

  • Conveyor belts – you have to place all the items you need moving on one end of the belt, and the motorised system will transport them to the final destination.
  • Bucket elevators – these are perfect for transporting small loose items vertically. It has a motorised system. However, it’s also easy to handle manually. The buckets pick up the materials and move them up the belt.
  • Recliners are rotating scoops located at one end of the conveyor system. Like the bucket elevator, the recliners scoop small loose items and place them on a conveyor belt, then transport them along the belt to their destination.

Material handling equipment, tools, racks, and vehicles are essential for any warehouse. They are the perfect means of ensuring efficient logistics operations. It is however recommended to consult experts before purchasing or choosing the best warehouse equipment for your operations.