“Notifications Silenced” On iPhone? Here’s What to do?

When you are absorb in your work or sometimes you need some peace of mind from your hectic schedule then the last thing you want to get trouble with notifications. 

In this blog here we will tell you how you can silence the notifications which trouble you on your iphone so let us get us ahead to know about it. 

But before knowing how you can silence the notifications you must know what does notification silenced mean. Well, it means exactly what it says, it means that notifications are silence on your device so that it does not interrupt you. 

Silencing notifications on an iphone – 

Mute notifications from notification center 

You need to first swipe down and then you can swipe the alert to the left to expose the options as well as clear buttons. Here, you are suppose to hit on options tab and then you can mute for 1 hour or mute for today whichever you want. 

That’s it! You will see that the notifications will be silence on your iOS device. 

Using silent option to silence the notifications

To succesfuuly get done with iphone notification silenced you have to put your iphone device into the silence mode by muting it. You have to switch ring mode to silent mode as in silent mode you will not be able to able to hear ringtones and notifications loudly. 

Turning down the volume of device 

You can turn down the volume of your device as when you will do this then also you will not hear the sound of notifications on your device and you will not get disturb. For more information make sure to visit Ityug247 website on your browser if you want to get to know about more ways to get rid of the notifications on your iphone device.