Using A Water-Based Vacuum Cleaner Has 5 Health Benefits

While water-based vacuum cleaners are certainly praised for their effective ability to clean spaces and provide a more enjoyable experience to cleaning, some have overlooked the importance of the health benefits that it provides. Water-based vacuum cleaners are critical for the health of family members – children, adults, the elderly, and pets alike. This fact is becoming increasingly important to people as they consider which cleaning methods will not only clean well but provide a healthy living space.

The exposure to germs from the outside world that occurs when someone enters the home can be dangerous if not managed properly. According to The Dyson Company, “Cleaning with water is proven to be up to 5 times more effective at removing germs than dry sweeping.”

1. Reduction in Airborne Irritants

Water-based vacuums that clean with water can provide several benefits to users, especially when compared to traditional vacuums. One of the most important benefits that water-based vacuum cleaners have is that they can easily capture airborne irritants. Pollen, dust, VOC gasses, staphylococcus, germs, tobacco smoke, and more are all easily captured in the water filter of the vacuum. Traditional vacuums easily lose suction power and have a difficult time sucking in and containing airborne irritants in a vacuum bag. The water in a water-based vacuum cleaner easily captures these particles. And, it prevents them from getting back into the air.

2. Water-based Vacuum Cleaner Increases Cleaning Efficiency 

Oxygenated vacuum cleaners are a type of cleaner that uses oxygenated water to clean. Using this type of machine is an extremely effective way to keep your home tidy, because it uses cleaning properties found in nature. These cleaners have a variety of different capabilities and features, but the overall goal is the same: to suck up dirt, dust, and grime from your flooring while using a natural substance that is easy on the environment and your family.

3. Decreased Animal Dander

Most vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up animal hair, but they don’t always do a great job. Commercial vacuums are designed to control allergens and dander in public places like shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and offices. They’re not really meant for day-to-day use at home.

What Sirena does differently is that it uses water to pick up a lot of the pet hair, dander and dust mites. This makes it a better option than other household vacuums for people with allergies or asthma, who find themselves sneezing in response to dust mites or simply reacting to the general amount of pet dander that’s floating around the house.

4. No Dirt and Dust Kickback

Traditional vacuum cleaners with blowers expel air from the home back into the home. These cleaners typically have a regular filter that becomes clogged with dirt, thus allowing dirt and dust to circulate once again into the home. Water-based vacuums solve this problem by using water to catch nearly all of the dirt and then only expel purified air. This is especially helpful for those with allergies or breathing problems as they can breathe in cleaner air.

5. Cleaner Dirt Disposal Process

A water-based filtration system is much cleaner than an ordinary vacuum. It’s not just that the dirt and dust are physically discarded outside rather than inside your home; the entire process of cleaning the filter takes place outside, too. The basin is removable, and it’s easy to simply dump outside or flush into the toilet. A quick rinse under a tap means that you don’t have to touch anything dirty at all. You can have a fresh-smelling, clean home every time you vacuum!