Top Recruitment Software – 2022

Best HR software, pricing, ROI, pitfalls, uses, and more. So, the best recruitment and recruitment software is designed to streamline the recruitment process. On the last business day of December 2020, when the COVID19 vaccination schedule began, there were 6.6 million jobs in the United States. Hence, according to a CareerBuilder survey, 77% of millennial clients plan to increase recruiter usage over the next few years. As a result, staffing and recruiters have a lot to do! ‍


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Why We Love It:

Oorwin is built with recruiters in mind, tools for recruiter collaboration, and ATS / CRM / HRMS to streamline the end-to-end recruitment process. So, it has a hybrid.

Oorwin Review

Oorwin was founded on recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for recruiters to collaborate fully. Hence, by integrating ATS and CRM with a single login, customers can get a streamlined experience. In addition, convenient AI tools such as JobFinder and Resume Harvester automate tedious tasks, giving recruiters more time to focus on face-to-face interactions. As a result, Oorwin customers have reduced hiring time by 50%. 

Oorwin customers

Nuvento Staffing Solutions, Millennium Infotech, Softcom Systems, Inc.

Oorwin Statistics

  •  Over 300 customers
  •  Match over 1 million complete candidates
  •  200,000 jobs have been deployed

Oorwin’s price

Oorwin is billed monthly for each user and billed quarterly or annually. So, contact your sales representative for more information. Hence, Oorwin also offers a 7-day free trial.

Ideal for

Oorwins customers. There are typically 50100 users. But they are building more features to appeal to their business.


Why We Love It:

Loxo has the world’s largest talent pool of over 530 million people in its directory.

Loxo Review

So, Loxo promises to turn your team into an “employment machine.” So, AI-powered solutions can reduce time to adoption by up to 80%. As a result, powerful automation tools support the entire recruitment process, from procurement and outreach to candidate relationship management.

Loxo customers

Executive Search by Randstad’s Sanford Rose Associates 

Loxo statistics

  •  Used by over 125,000 recruiters worldwide
  •  Directory of over 530 million professionals
  •  98% customer satisfaction

Loxo price

There are two versions of Loxo, free and premium. So, The Free Edition comes with ATS, Recruitment CRM, and basic procurement tools for one user. Therefore, the premium version adds advanced sourcing tools, APIs, training and coaching resources, and dedicated customer support. Hence, if you are interested in the premium version, you should contact your sales representative for more specific pricing details.

Ideal for

So, it is great for executive search companies and medium to large companies that hire many people.


Why We like it:

JobAdder’s applicant tracking system is easy to use with a customizable workflow and built-in classified ads.

Verification of JobAdder 

JobAdder is a popular applicant tracking system in the UK and Australia. So, this platform is a streamlined recruitment management platform that spans the entire recruitment life cycle. Hence, job seekers appreciate the social media style candidate feature, which allows them to update their status, job title, contact information, and preferences. 

JobAdder customers

MacDonald Search Group, Revel, Westwood & Wilshire

JobAdder Statistics

  •  Used by 10,000 people daily
  •  Established in 2007

Ideal for

Recruiters or large in-house recruitment teams looking for a comprehensive recruitment system.

Zoho Recruit

Why We Love It:

Zoho Recruit is an easy-to-use software for recruiters that offers a free, permanent version.

Zoho Recruitment Review

So, Zoho Recruit’s simple interface is endlessly customizable, so recruiters, for example, can easily adapt it to their needs. In addition, you can access your client portal for an additional fee. This portal saves team time by allowing clients to create their jobs, identify candidates and provide feedback.

Customers of Zoho Recruit 

University of Pennsylvania, CareerUp, OnePlus, UrbanClap

Zoho recruitment statistics

  •  Used by more than 6,000 companies
  •  Zoho has 10,000 employees worldwide

Zoho Recruit Price

 So, Zoho Recruit has three price ranges.

  • Standard: $ 30 per user per month
  • Professional: $ 60 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $ 90 per user per month

Zoho Recruit also offers a 15-day free trial and a Free-forever version. However, the free version has limited functionality, and only one job is active at a time.

Great for

So, Zoho Recruit is affordable for small recruiters, but it also has many features that large companies appreciate. Hence, it is ideal as a volume recruitment platform.