Repair The Irritating QuickBooks Errors And Issues Via QB File Doctor

QuickBooks has solved over a ton of issues and errors that user’s issues and error. However, this leading financial software itself is not prone to errors and issues. If you’ve ever encountered a QuickBooks error or issue then we can help.

Intuit has developed the QuickBooks file doctor tool for the sole purpose of diagnosing and solving stubborn QB errors. This beneficial tool diagnoses and troubleshoots any QuickBooks-related error automatically.

In this informative post, we’ll discuss the QB-related errors that are fixable via File Doctor Tool, Its type, and the procedure to utilize this tool. So let’s begin.

List Of Errors And Issues Fixable Via QB File Doctor Tool

6000 series errorsH series errorsInstallation errors
QB updating issuesData corruption issuesMalware on Hard drive
Network errorsMulti-user mode troublesError code -6150
Corrupt Windows registryError code -6000 -301Can’t access the QB company file
QB Data Server Manager related issuesDamaged/Corrupt company filesLost or missing Employee/Vendor lists

The above-mentioned issues/errors are fixable via the QBFD Tool. Now before moving to the repairing steps of the QuickBooks File Doctor utility, note down some of the facts before its download and installation.

Facts to Consider Before Installing QBFD Tool

Before exploring the utilization of this tool be sure to check the following facts.

  • Having the admin credentials of the system before installing the QB repairing tool will ease up the process.
  • Always check if you’re getting a stable internet connection to avoid any trouble.
  • The damaged file you want to repair must be 1.5GB or smaller than it.
  • Always install the latest version of QB for bug fixes and a hassle-free installation process.
  • The QBFD tool is compatible with the Windows OS and not with Mac
  • Only Windows OS is compatible with the QBFD tool, not Mac.

How To Repair QuickBooks Errors and Issues Via QB File Doctor

The QB File doctor can be downloaded via QuickBooks Tool Hub or from Intuit’s official website. It has two versions that can solve QB-related errors and issues. Let’s see how they resolve these errors.

QBFD (Stand-Alone Version)

In order to utilize the stand-alone version, you must have the latest version of the QuickBooks File Doctor utility. If you don’t have the QBFD tool, download it via Intuit’s website and follow:

  • Launch the standalone version of QB File Doctor.
  • Follow instructions and complete QBFD installation.
  • Now, tap “Start”.
  • Launch “QBFD”.
  • Next, hit “Browse” and locate/select the damaged/corrupt company file.
  • You will face two self-explanatory options for the issue.
  • Select accordingly.
  • If your company file is damaged or you’re getting 6000 series error then it is suggested that you choose option 1
  • If you face any network-related issues errors, then choose option 2.
  • After that, you must input the company file credentials like “Admin password”.
  • Tap “Next”.
  • In order to continuously diagnose and fix the issue, you must choose either the “Server or Workstation” option accordingly.
  • After that, tap “Yes” if working on QB host/server.
  • Or tap “No” if working on “Workstation”.
  • Then, it’ll automatically detect and repair the damaged/corrupt company files.
  • Wait till it completely diagnoses the issue.
  • Restart your System.
  • Finally, ensure if the issue is solved.

QBFD (Built-in Version)

As the name goes “Built-in” this integrated tool detects and fixes issues immediately.

This is simply a basic version of the QuickBooks Doctor as the user is required to only hit the start button.

This edition has the same characteristics as the stand-alone version of the QBFD tool and to utilize this built-in version follow:

  • At first, run QuickBooks while ensuring to close the company file.
  • Click “File”.
  • Select “Utilities”.
  • Hit “Repair”.
  • Now, click “Browse”.
  • Select the troublesome “QB company file”.
  • Click “Open”.
  • Afterward, choose from the repairing process accordingly by expanding the advanced list.
  • Now, click “Next”.
  • Input required credentials.
  • Again, click “Next”.
  • Now, after diagnosing and repairing the file, close windows.
  • Reboot/restart your system.
  • Open the diagnosed file again.

Possible Outcomes Of Using QB File Doctor

After diagnosing the QuickBooks issues and errors via the QuickBooks File Doctor Download tool, the possible outcomes are:

QBFD did not detect any error/issue – if this is the outcome you get, simply login to the company file again. If you’re still facing issues while opening the company file then “Auto Data Recovery” will be helpful.

The issue is detected and able to fix – Once a tool is able to detect and fix an issue, it is an excellent sign and now you are required to open the company file.

QBFD detected the issue but was unable to fix it – In this case, we recommend setting the Auto Data Recovery and restoring the transactions from the last backup.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-posted information will help repair the annoying QuickBooks issues and errors via the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. The information provided to you is deeply researched from our top sources. Moreover, the solutions are checked and verified by our team of experts.