The five companies providing metaverse real estate is hot

Metaverse has been gaining traction as a viable option for real estate investments. Virtual Land on the metaverse is an opportunity for investors who want to gain huge profits.

The metaverse isn’t a single entity but a combination of different metaverses. One day, these metaverses will be interconnected to form the metaverse. If someone invests right now, metaverse real estate could be extremely beneficial.

We’re providing a list of companies proving metaverse real estate is actually hot.


XANA is a decentralized metaverse empowering users to own their virtual Land. It is an excellent option for metaverse users who want to be creative without restrictions. The Land is available in prime locations where most users gather.

As it is a growing metaverse, the possibility of huge gains on your investments is very likely. By adding new games, XANA is attracting new users to its platform. Big brands are also taking an interest in the XANA land. They’re buying huge parcels of Land and building their stores among many more virtual attractions.


Decentraland is probably the most famous metaverse on which people can buy virtual Land. Land on Decentraland has attracted huge investments. Many of these investments have turned huge profits for the owners.

The price of the Land is creeping up every day, despite the low reported visitors. This indicates just how much people (and investors) expect the metaverse to become the next big thing.

Decentraland allows users to build their characters along with the infrastructure for a truly immersive experience. And this is just the beginning. As the technology progresses, we’ll see huge advancements in engagement and immersive experiences.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another decentralized metaverse, similar to Decentraland and XANA. Users can buy real estate and build their worlds, the same as other decentralized metaverses.

It uses the VoxEdit tool to create worlds and everything inside them. One can make money off their Land by monetizing it. Your Land will generate more revenue if it can garner more visitors. 

You can create your own games in The Sandbox and profit from that. In contrast to Decentraland, The Sandbox is getting new visitors, along with returning users. This is a healthy sign for those considering investing in metaverse real estate.


Tipping a little bit in the gaming direction, we have Roblox. It is a centralized metaverse, unlike all the ones mentioned above. Users can create their avatars and participate in the Roblox experience.

Experience is quite similar to Minecraft, with similar character styles and textures. This metaverse is meant for a younger audience and has seen millions of new users in the second quarter of 2022.

But the Land is extremely valuable, with chances of turning a profit very high. It may be one of the biggest metaverses out there. And to buy a parcel of Land there requires you to fulfill certain conditions.

Axie Infinity

Pokémon equivalent of the metaverse world. This Ethereum-based metaverse is made by a Vietnamese gaming company, Sky Mavis.

Users can inhabit its richly designed world and spend their days collecting new items. They can exchange these items for real-life money.

It attracted a large sum of new gamers in 2021. Some estimations put these numbers at 3 million or more. But the current active players are estimated to be around 22,000. This is a huge drop in the number of active users. So it remains to see if it’ll weather this rough patch and become an essential part of the metaverse future.

If you’re interested in investing, we suggest holding it off for now. Maybe Axie Infinity will bounce back soon (we see some signs). Until then, you have numerous other options to make huge profits on your investments.

XANA is one of those potential investment points. It is attracting big names, hasn’t reached its full potential, provides room for growth with a stable platform, and, most of all, XANA is fun.

Overall, we’ve learned from all our research that metaverse real estate is a real investment opportunity. Metaverse real estate is proving to be the hottest real estate around. Investors are flocking because every major company is showing interest in the metaverse.

With the growing potential and limited parcels of Land, the prices are sure to soar. When they do, investors expect to gain multipliers on their investments.

So if you are an investor, this may be the right time to jump into metaverse real estate.

Like always, do your own research before investing and keep making profits.