Why choose custom kiss cut stickers 


Kiss cut stickers are a great choice for many reasons. They’re easy to apply and remove, they allow for multiple full-bleed sheets at a time, and they look great on any surface!

Kiss cut stickers have a unique shape.

custom kiss cut stickers are a unique shape and don’t have the same appearance as square or round stickers.

They’re not full bleed, but they do have a smaller area of adhesive than other types of stickers.

Kiss cut stickers allow for the placement of larger stickers on a variety of surfaces.

  • custom kiss cut stickers are made from vinyl and can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • The kiss cut sticker is available in several sizes, allowing it to fit any application.
  • The kiss cut sticker has the ability to be printed on both sides, making them versatile and easy to use.
  • Kiss cut stickers are ideal for many applications including promotional items, personalization, vehicle graphics, and more!

Kiss cut stickers are relatively easy to apply.

Kiss cut stickers are relatively easy to apply. You can use a squeegee or heat gun to help the sticker conform to the surface. You’ll want to be careful not to get too aggressive when applying the sticker, as this can cause damage if you’re not careful! If you have trouble getting the sticker to stick, try using a hair dryer on low heat in an attempt at warming up the surface before trying again with another method (the same goes for using alcohol).

Kiss cut stickers are easy to remove.

Kiss cut stickers are easy to remove. You can get them off with a sharp blade, or heat gun, or exacto knife.

Kiss cut sticker designs can be re-positioned before they’re attached to surfaces.

You can move the sticker around and find just the right spot. If you’re having trouble, try using a straight edge to line up the sticker with other stickers. Then use a little water to help slide it into place!

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It’s often easier to store and ship kiss-cut vinyl than full-bleed sheets of vinyl.

It’s often easier to store and ship kiss-cut vinyl than full-bleed sheets of vinyl. Because they’re smaller, you can stack them more easily—and if you need more space for your stickers, there are options like rollers that will help you roll out larger quantities at one time. And because the cut is so precise, it’s possible to print on each side of a sheet of sticker paper (which would be impossible with full bleed).

Dissimilar to their kiss-cut partners, pass on slice stickers are sliced unequivocally to the state of the actual plan, so there’s no removable sponsorship material to work with. All things considered, the sticker is taken out by breaking and stripping it away, otherwise called the break and-strip strategy.

A portion of the advantages of utilizing kick the bucket cut stickers include:

They’re cost-proficient — basically, less reducing = less expensive cost.

They look great. Like, great — by getting rid of the removable support material (or waste space, as it’s occasionally alluded to), the completed item winds up looking a ton more clean.

You may, notwithstanding, need to think about the accompanying while choosing the two:

Cost — in the event that it’s an issue of cost, you’ll most likely need to settle on bite the dust cut since there’s less cutting engaged with the creation cycle, and that implies you save money.

Sturdiness — kiss-cut is your smartest option in the event that you’re selling stickers with many-sided plans as the removable sponsorship material safeguards them from harm during transportation, while kick the bucket cut stickers (albeit in fact more inclined to harm) are a super-well known decision because of their smooth, neat and tidy tasteful.

Convenience — both kiss-cut and pass on cut techniques give you a similar outcome and can be utilized inside or outside, but kiss-slice stickers are marginally simpler to strip, consequently might be a more easy to use choice in the event that you’re selling in mass.

Custom kiss cut stickers are definitely the right choice for me!

Custom kiss cut stickers are definitely the right choice for me! These stickers can be used in many different ways, including branding, product packaging and promotion. They can also be used as personalizing items or making things look unique. Kiss cut stickers are a great way to add some flare to your marketing campaigns and business goals.

With regards to selling custom stickers, there are advantages and disadvantages to weigh up for both kiss-cut and bite the dust cut designs, like expense, sturdiness and convenience. Eventually, however, both are incredible choices.

Around here at Prodigi, we offer a scope of print on request stickers in a wide range of completions, styles and shapes. Produced using premium vinyl to guarantee durable stick and ideal print quality, our customized stickers can be utilized for everything from signage and occasion marketing to creating, home embellishment and merchandise personalisation.

A kiss-cut sticker is basically a sticker encircled by removable sponsorship material that is bigger than the actual sticker. The term ‘kiss slice’ alludes to the laser-slicing method used to cut around the sticker while leaving the sponsorship material in one piece, so the two are really “kissing”. Appears to be legit.

A portion of the advantages of utilizing kiss-cut stickers include:

You can involve the support material for marking — why put resources into business cards when your item can do your advertising for you?

The support material safeguards the edges of the sticker until stripped away — intended to forestall mileage, think about it a piece like an insurance contract.

They’re significantly less fiddly and simpler to eliminate — having the sponsorship material to clutch as you strip off the sticker comes in beautiful helpful.


I think that custom kiss cut stickers are the best option for me!