The Best Bicycle Brands in the World for 2022

When you purchase a bicycle, you need to ensure you’re buying quality, something that keeps going long into the future and will assist you with getting around with solace and speed. The top cycling brands frequently have profound connections to the local cycling area, with many of them being begun by previous dashing greats. Also, grab a 30% massive discount on your products using Jenson USA Coupon Code.

The Most Pleasing Bicycle Brands 

The journey started in Waterloo, Wisconsin, in 1976. As per CNBC, it is the biggest bicycle brand situated in the US. Albeit the more significant part of its creation has moved abroad, the organization delivers a few bicycles in the US. Starting in 2014, it made around 25,000 bikes locally every year, which added up to about a portion of all bicycles created in the US.


Cannondale is another top bicycle brand that traces back to the 1970s. While two pals established Trek over a glass of brew, Cannonade was birthed over a pickle processing plant in Connecticut. The organization didn’t make bicycles from the start but instead created a bicycle trailer, embellishments, and attire.

In 1983, the brand made its first bicycle, a visiting model. It circled back to a dashing bike the following year. In 1997, Cannonade caused ripple effects at the Tour de France by having individuals from the Saeco cycling crew (who rode the brand’s bicycle) ride on aluminum outlines. As indicated by organization legend, the head of the Saeco group proclaimed Cannondale bicycles to be excellent.

Today, the brand creates a scope of bicycles, including off-road and street. It additionally has models for kids, ladies, and couples bikes.

2-Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes is a relative newbie. The brand was begun in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron. The pair keeps on possessing the brand today, and it still needs to be based out of the Pacific Northwest.

Kona’s distinguishing strength is being the primary organization to create a straight-leg off-road bicycle creation fork. The brand worked with Brodie (also known as Bruce Spicer) to foster the bicycle-style. At present, Kona has ten forms of the division, made for off-road bicycles and black-top bicycles of different sizes.


Colnago is a bicycle organization situated in Italy. The wheat traces back to 1952 when Ernesto Colnago established it in Cambiago. Ernesto Colnago was expected to assume control over his family’s cultivating business but sought after a vocation in cycling from early on. 

The Telegraph has called Colnago the Ferrari of cycling brands, portraying it as a bicycle creator for cycling authorities. The depiction is able as large numbers of Colnago’s better-quality models are hand-tailored in Italy and top-quality parts.


Another Italian bicycle brand, Bianchi, has the particular distinction of being the most established, constantly worked for cycling organization on the planet. It traces back to 1885 when 21-year-old Eldorado Bianchi willingly volunteered to add a chain to the well-known “normal” bikes and diminish the front wheel’s size.

Bianchi was credited with a few different improvements in this plan and the bike’s capacity throughout the long term. For instance, he made the very first front brake in 1913. You could say his thought was a triumph.

Bianchi cycles were ridden in a few significant bicycling competitions and regularly won those competitions throughout the twentieth century.


Raleigh Bikes is a British cycling brand that began in 1887, making it one of the most established bicycle brands. At that point, the brand delivered around three bicycles each week. As soon as 1896, creation had expanded to 30,000 cycles each year.

All through the twentieth century, requests for bicycles expanded, and the brands continued developing, creating an ever-increasing number of cycles every year and extending the size of its industrial facilities and plants. It even fiddled with bikes for some time. In the US specifically, a request was high for the brand’s 10-speed cycles.


Cervelo is another moderately youthful bicycle brand. It got everything rolling in 1995 in Canada. The organization’s objective is fundamental: It expects to plan the world’s quickest bicycle. Keeping that in mind, most likely not a brand you will look at assuming you’re new to cycling or, on the other hand, considering that you’re searching for a bicycle for driving or infrequent use.

Yet, assuming that you routinely feel the requirement for speed on your bicycle, whether you’re preparing for an Ironman or the Tour de France or partake at the end of the week ride, this may be the best brand for you. Cervelo has five series of street bicycles – the C series, Series, Series, S series, and T series.


Orbea is a Spanish bicycle organization that started life in 1840 as a rifle organization. It utilized a great many Spanish residents during the period of the Civil War. It didn’t begin to make cycles until the 1930s. Then, at that point, it constructed a giant plant and started creating sporting bicycles and street and dashing bicycles. Today, the organization establishes a scope of sporting bicycles, street bicycles, and electric bicycles.