Sublimation Printing: Printing Industry Has Been Completely Changed

Sublimation printing has changed the entire world of printing. The printing owners enjoy the benefits of the introduction of sublimation printing techniques in the printing world.

The sublimation printing technology has made it easy for the printing owners to easily create difficult printed on the substrate without any problem.

Thus, sublimation printing has become a popular choice of various printing service providers. Here, you will get to know about the sublimation printing technique from the detail.

Sublimation Printing Method 

The sublimation dye printing method is a budget-friendly printing technique for small batches. Mostly, this printing method is used for creating custom t-shirts. In layman language, it is a printing technique in which the design is transferred over the substrate by using ink and heat.

The printing industry is continually evolving and sublimation printing has gained huge popularity. Want to customize your t-shirt by using sublimation printing techniques? Hire trained and experienced professionals like t shirt printing Kelowna contractors.

Reasons For Growing Popularity Of Dye Sublimation 

There are various benefits of choosing the dye-sublimation printing technique and some of them are described below:

1. Cost

When it comes to the sublimation printing process, then this technique is quite inexpensive as compared to various other printing techniques. For instance, if you are using DTG printers, then you should invest in large size DTG printing machines.

These machines are quite expensive and very difficult to maintain as well. Also, if we talk about screen printing, then you also need to maintain a good space for screen printing setup. Also, you need to maintain a well-ventilated room.

Moreover, you need a dedicated screen for each color. Therefore, the cost of printing by using the screen-printing method increases significantly. When it comes to the sublimation printing technique, you just need a printer, heat transfer, designs, and ink.

2. Printing Quality

When it comes to the quality of printing, then there is nothing that can beat the sublimation. Digitally created images are transferred on the substrate by using the sublimation paper.

If you use the sublimation printing technique, then you will get top-grade and high-fidelity images on your product. No matter how complicated your designs are, you can easily print designs in just a few minutes. You can print any number of colors in the design.

On the other hand, when it comes to screen printing, then there is a limitation in the number of colors that can be printed. This technique will allow printing only six colors by using different screens.

Every color needs a dedicated screen for creating designs. Therefore, it is very difficult to print complicated designs on the t-shirts. If you fail to wash your screen properly, then the print results will not be optimum. In this way, you can easily design custom sublimation shirts

3. Save Precious Time

The printing techniques are growing and evolving at a fast pace. With the introduction of the sublimation printing technique, the printing process has picked the speed.

Therefore, dye-sublimation printing is the best printing method out of various others. It will help in saving your precious time and quickly create the prints on various substrates.

Tools And Equipment Required For Sublimation Printing

4. Sublimation Ink

When it comes to sublimation printing ink, then there are various options available in the market. You might get overwhelmed with amazing printing techniques.

While choosing the sublimation printing ink, you should ensure it is of the best quality. If you want to observe good results, then it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material used for making prints.

5. Sublimation Paper

Another important thing required for creating the designs on apparel by using the sublimation printing technique is sublimation paper. While choosing it, you should make sure that it has consistent quality and it is sharp.

These kinds of paper are very useful in transferring the designs. While transferring ink on the sublimation paper, you should do it slowly and make sure the sharpness of the paper is maintained. The sharpness of the paper will help in transferring the design on the t-shirts.

6. Heat Press

The heat press machines play a very important role because they will help in transferring print from sublimation paper to the substrate. There are two types of heat press: Manual and Automatic. You can choose any one of them as per your preferences.

Due to the increasing demand for final prints, many printing owners have started using an automatic heat press. The manual machines take time and a lot of effort.

7. Design Software

It is also one of the essential tools required for creating amazing designs by using the sublimation printing technique. The print owners have to understand the process of using the various design software using for creating the design like Adobe Photoshop.