How to make and pack the macarons perfectly?

What do you need to know about macarons?

Macarons are sweet sandwich-like cookies made from various ingredients. Basically, the amazing colors of the sweet macarons make them more eye-catching, not only for the kids but for people of all ages. You can also use different fillings for the macarons like the cream, jams, and chocolate. These desserts are airy, soft, moist, and a bit chewy. However, the upper and lower part of the macarons are like crusty, but when anyone eats it, these sweets starts melting in the mouth. These sweet macarons are also delicate and require to be packed properly in custom macaron boxes.

Historical background of macaron

It was assumed that the recipe of the macaron was originated in the very past in Italy when Catherine deMedici left Italy for France; after marriage at that time, the pastry chef made the macaron for the first time for them.  At that time, these werethe most simple cookie-like pastry made from almond flour, egg white, and sugar.

However, with the evolution of French cuisine, the recipe of the macaron also evolved. The macaron that you see in the current times was first made in France in the 1890s. At that time, the chef does some creativity with the macarons by using different fillings inside the macaron cookies.

Flavors in which macarons are available

Some common flavors of the macarons that are available with funky colors are:

  • Vanilla available in white color
  • Raspberry available in blue color
  • Chocolate available in brown color
  • Lemon available in yellow color

Add to this there are a few more flavors in which you can found these macarons.

What things make the macarons more delicious?

The sugary flavor with moist and creamy filling makes the macaron more delectable. However, these desserts are also available in so many colors and flavors that make them the all-time favorite sweet of people. To know more about the macaron, you need to check the recipe forthese sugary sweets.

The best recipe for the macaron

To start making the macaron, first, you need to find out the best as well as the easiest recipe for the macaron. And to step forward, first, you are required to know about the ingredientsyou need for the macarons.

Ingredients you need

Here is the list of ingredients you need for the macaron recipe.

Ingredients for crust

  • Egg white
  • Sugar syrup
  • Almond flour
  • Salt
  • The flavor you need like vanilla, chocolate, and fruit

Ingredients for filling

  • Fruit jam
  • Buttercream
  • Simple cream
  • Chocolate

These are some basic ingredients that are used for the macaron. However, if you want to be creative,then you can also add fruit chunks and Choco chips. 

Process of making macaron

Here is a simple step-by-step process for the macaron’s preparation. 

Process of making macaron cookies:

First of all, you need to add the almond flour, half teaspoon salt, and powder sugar into the bowl and mix it well. Then take a large size bowl and add the egg-white, half teaspoon salt, and grated sugar, and beat it until the better stiff peaks foam. Then add the coloring and flavor into the bowl. Now it is time to add the flour mix to the bowl and combine the mixture with the help of the spatula. Fold the whole better until it falls into the ribbons. Now you need to add the mixture inside the piping bag and make the small dots on the baking tray. Bake the better on 300 F for 30 minutes. Make sure the oven is preheated. After baking, place the macarons in the open air to become cool and crusty. After few minutes, the macarons are ready

Process for making the filling

Now it’s time for making the filling for the macarons. If you need to fill the macaron with cream, then whipped the cream for 1 minute. This step would make the filling fluffy. On the other hand, you can directly use the melted chocolate and fruit jam as a filling. Pour the filling inside the piping bag and pour a drop into the macaron. Then join both sides of the macarons and enjoy the sweet confectioneries.

The packaging process for macaron

The process of making the macarons are not so simple, so it is advised to protect them inside the proper macaron boxes. However, if you want to sell these sweet confectioneries online, then you need proper macaron shipment boxes.  But to make the influence on the customers and to add glory to the macarons, you just need the custom macaron boxes. The reason is the only one you can create your macaron packaging as per your need and in a way that matches your brand. So, the limitless custom printing options make the custom macaron packaging a perfect solution for your new macaron brand. These boxes are not only alluring but also safe for the macarons.


This is one of the easiest and quickest recipes for the macaron, and if you are interested in making and selling macaron, you need a complete business plan. However, the proper, as well as customized macaron boxes, are required for brand awareness and food protection. So, you need to design all the macaron packaging as per the need of your product and brand. It is highly required to provide the best unboxing experience to the customers, and for this reason, proper packaging is required. Custom macaron packaging is also vital to make the differentiation.