5 Ways Healthland EMR Stands Out For Practices

When it comes to creating EMR, the people who can offer the best insight are often those who are supposed to use the software in real-time. As the healthcare professionals that are responsible for carrying out this task, you are the most important stakeholder to consider. That is why so many of the best EMR options out there are designed by actual doctors.

That is precisely what Healthland EMR also believes in. The software is a proactive effort to include the needs that practitioners can understand and create solutions to address gaps. So how does the software really do it? We will be outlining the five ways that Healthland EMR can be beneficial for practices with this article, so keep reading on to learn more!

How Healthland EMR Works

Healthland EMR is a type of medical solution that was designed to help out practices that are working in the rural context. The idea is to support community-based medical practices in order to drive for better healthcare coverage in hard-to-reach areas. The software combines the use of analysis and data with the knowledge and connections doctors have.

The software from Healthland is specifically catered to the use in acute care and ambulatory care. It allows you to provide such care in the way that you prefer at small independent facilities without having to change or transform your workflow. It comes with effective patient record tools, along with a number of other administrative, billing, and clinical features.

The idea behind Healthland EMR is to cut down on the work you do in such a way that the overall growth of your practice is not impacted. The EMR is designed to help you delegate tasks effectively, and move through the software as quickly as possible. It also helps you identify and utilize opportunities that could lead to revenue generation at your practice.

Provide Services In Acute Care

As mentioned above, the core ideology behind Healthland is to help practices connect with patients in the world of acute care. This can be tough to do, as sometimes the stress and high priority nature of the work environment can be a detriment to the practice’s profitability, or the physicians’ general wellness and safety. This software is here to change that.

The software helps you create better outcomes for patients so that they don’t have to keep coming back and getting admitted again and again. The approach used in this software is all patient-centric. This means the core ideology is to protect the safety and the interests of the patient. This kind of approach in acute care leads to patients having catered treatments.

Engage Patients Healthland

Another aspect of practice care to focus on when using Healthland is the ability to engage with patients effectively. As you may see during the Healthland EMR demo, there are plenty of tools that can help you make this happen as well. It is unique to this software though, that they understand and recognize that engaging patients requires constant adaptation.

The needs of patients will never stay the same over time. As social norms change, so do the expectations of patients at practices. Take into consideration the fact that ten years ago, the average patient didn’t expect to see their health documentation. On the other hand, modern patients expect a higher degree of involvement in the work that is carried out by you.

The software is interactive so you can also be engaged while using it. It also has a number of beneficial features that are helpful in the management of patients, such as a calendar and schedule that is fairly easy to use and employ at the practice. Finally, Healthland knows that good engagement also has financial benefits for the practice.

Healthland Manage Coding Effectively

Coding at your practice may be an incredibly frustrating task for most of your patients. After all, the coding is directly connected to the revenue you generate at a certain level. Therefore there is a lot of pressure to get coding right on the first try. However, it can sometimes be more complicated than that when it comes to coding on the ground.

Healthland EMR reviews specifically talk about how effective this software is when it comes to helping doctors with coding. It helps you assign the right code with a high degree of accuracy involved to prevent mistakes. This helps you have better coding matchups on even the very first try, which means you don’t have to stress about a reduced income.

Improve Healthland Revenue Collection

Healthland is also particularly focused on helping practices identify sources of revenue that they can use. This is because the software is geared towards community practices that are typically working at low budgets and providing consistent care to a community of people in an area. Therefore, it is vital that revenue is generated effectively.

The software helps you improve your current revenue cycle with tools that can analyze your current system. This is then used to enhance the work even further. For example, by helping you get more and more claims accepted. The software also keeps up with changing laws and regulations so you can always have the first chance to identify new sources.

Prioritized Support

When you pay the Healthland EMR pricing, you get immediately inundated into the world of priority support and care. The company is completely dedicated to meeting your needs and delivering quality products that can help you excel at the work you do. It, therefore, makes client support a hallmark of its features so it can always adapt to what you expect.

The idea is to have software available that does the job in the best possible way for you, the client. This can involve the idea of having transparent conversations. For example, if you are unhappy with a certain product, the team is happy to hear your feedback and see what they can do to make your experience smoother.


Ultimately, choosing software relies on a number of factors. However, Healthland EMR seems to have the complete package! For more information, you can also check out a Healthland EMR demo.