Five Craigslist Money Scams to Avoid in New Orleans

Have you ever encountered a scammer? People who faced online retailer purposeful deceit often were unable to discern red flags at the right time, which ultimately put them in hot waters later. Recently we have come across many con-artists, especially in the New Orleans craigslist online retailer store. Where many innocent people fall prey to money swindlers, which happened due to lesser knowledge on part of the tricked ones. Basically, Craigslist has been used as an online website with posting and viewing local advertisements approximately in 70 countries.

This classified American advertisement website goes by ‘Craigslist in the United States, which has faced many problems relating to fraud. A classified advertisement American website was originally introduced in 1995 by Craig Newmark, with the purpose of listing personal ads, used cars, furniture, apartments, properties, garage sales, and jobs. 

What is a Craigslist Scam?

Craigslist New Orleans scams commonly involve sketchy meetups, fake products, fraudulent money service, counterfeit properties, and other crafty ways through which criminals strip millions of dollars from public platforms. Sometimes, it’s hard to spot scammers, given the nature of the site. Although one could find many well-intentioned people on Craigslist, one couldn’t deny the presence of con-artist on this website. To stay away from scammers, you might want to know the major five Craigslist money scams to avoid in New Orleans. 

Five Craigslist money scams to avoid in New Orleans

There are five major Craigslist money scams to avoid in New Orleans which are:

Fake sale of automobile scam on Craigslist 

Automobile scam is the biggest scam on Craigslist in New Orleans. Once in a while a con-artists by associating certain benefits and offering ridiculously lower prices to set a target for maximum people in this scam. To illustrate it further, a new scam advertisement about cars selling at a lower price was set-out in the New-Orleans area. A Honda Accord ‘pristine’ 2012 Honda Accord with 20,000 miles seems a charming offer for many people. One scammer put the lowest price of $2,600 even if the masses were aware this was a trap. Many people would take a leap of faith, and consider it a good deal, to save their hard-earned money. Several highly professional scammers try to evade doubts from many people’s minds by arranging an actual meeting with the people instead of insisting on getting payment through PayPal.

Now, the con-artist agrees to have ‘pristine’ Honda Accord shipped to you the same day, after arranging a meeting and showing you the car. As the money gets transferred to scammers, they immediately disappear without leaving any sign behind to avoid getting caught. The phoney information provided by swindlers is hard to be traced back by law enforcement. Another con-artist by name Baton Rouge was running a scam in America on Craigslist. Baton Rouge got caught red-handed and he was running six different advertisements on the website with same credentials such as phone number etcetera. There are several signs of con-artist available on craigslist modesto, which might help you in identifying them.

  • Fake accounts on Craigslist
  • Mostly use of poor English, as scammers often originate in countries outside U.S.
  • Deals too good to be true
  • Scammers are often in urgency 
  • Suspicious ad-descriptions

Reconstruction scam on Craigslist 

Reconstruction money is another huge scam on Craigslist in New Orleans. Reconstruction scammers after applauding describing their services disappear with money and leaving behind no trace. For example: in the New Orleans area, with a service of home renovation con-artist goes by name Lee Windsor-39 years was seen advertising his skills. After convincing several people of his legitimate services, was taken by several residential contractors. Lee Windsor collects his deposits and disappears with money and never comes back. In other States of America several complaints against Windsor were recorded. 

Rental scam on Craigslist

The rental scam is another famous one in New Orleans’s Craigslist. Although, a scammer doesn’t own any property or site. But he tries to gather all the valuable information enough to swindle their victims. In many cases, con artists posted several pictures for rent, with full detail about the rental site to make it look legitimate to convince people. These scammers don’t have any rights to property, still it didn’t stop them. After collecting first month’s rent funds from several people, in the form of deposits. These thieves run away, to avoid any trace of recognition by victims, and scammers avoid face to face meet-ups with them. Instead they hosted a telephonic conversation (to ensure the real owner was behind). Keep in mind, to eliminate any doubts, scammers always provide real description and photographs of the property. 

Cancelled tickets scam on Craigslist

Cancelled or ticket scams are quite common in New Orleans Craigslist. As every year there are tonnes of live celebrity shows, sports shows, beauty contests, concerts, or cooking contests in America. It’s the best time for con-artists to accumulate as much money as they can from the masses. You would find many scammers who are making fake tickets for the concerts. To make it look legitimate scammers, even put watermark, or fake signatures or replicated holograms on the concrete tickets. Professional con-artist try to provide maximum realistic dimensions to fake tickets, so no one doubts them. Similarly, many scammers are also selling counterfeit aeroplane tickets to the masses. 

To avoid cancelled or forged tickets, always buy from the actual venue. Or you could also go to reputable sites such as Inc. Report, Get Live Nation Entertainment or Ticketmaster (LYV). Buying concrete tickets or aeroplane tickets from the actual venue would save you from a great mess.  

Super Bowl rental scams on Craigslist 

Many vicious scammers rented out rooms to people who came for the Super Bowl from other towns. In New Orleans, a case was reported by an Innkeeper. Margaret Walker is an innkeeper in New Orleans. Where Walker enjoys renting out rooms to people coming from local jazz concerts or Super Bowls from other towns. According to Margaret Walker, several renters show up at a door with pretentious rental agreements from unknown people (scammers). These scammers take money from people coming to town and disappear. It’s important to stay away from such malicious money scams happening in New Orleans. 

The bottom line

There are many craigslist New Orleans incidents of brutal money scams prevalent in New Orleans. To name a few: Fake automobile scam sales, counterfeit property scam, reconstruction scam, cancelled & forged tickets scam and Super Bowl rental scams are several craigslist modesto money scams which need to be avoided. 

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