ICR Recognition – For Identifying and Securing Hand-Written Data

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology where on one hand extracts and stores printed data from documents, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is there to identify and maintain records of manually written information. 

ICR recognition is a must for smooth data collection, this smart branch of OCR is able to learn and recognize tonnes of styles of handwriting. An AI-powered character recognition app creates a secure data storage unit for handwritten information so it can be accessed and used with ultimate convenience. 

With an intention to get global customers and partners onboard, swiftness is what every organization can count on. Any disruption in the procedure of data collection and identification can disturb the entire workflow. ICR recognition with a vast coverage of millions of writing formats: from simple to extremely complex can learn textual and numeric characters with zero friction.

Features of ICR Handwriting Recognition

Substantial Coverage

The complexity of the writing of a client is no issue for ICR recognition. Just like the OCR, intelligent character recognition software online holds a substantial database of multiple languages. The multilingual application can capture and convert handwritten information from documents into the parent language of the concerned business or financial institute in real-time. 

API Integration

An organization can integrate the ICR recognition with its system or scanner seamlessly. AI-driven text identifying software delivers close to authentic results in any working system. Whether it’s desktop, android platform, or iOS, the icr software transitions the handwritten information in a standard machine-readable format in no time.


Handwritten information of clients, employees, and businesses is as imperative as hand-printed one for a regular corporation or financial institution. ICR recognition converts the manual written documents or transcripts in an online record bank so the firm can get rid of the stack of paper-based documents quickly. The software also makes it convenient for the management to access a particular document. The specific record file can be converted into different formats as well in just a few seconds.

Use Cases of Optical Character Readers

Cryptocurrency Platforms

During the customer identification program of a particular financial enterprise, other than images of identity and other relevant documentation, a customer may have to submit a handwritten note as consent proof. ICR recognition is practiced by the entity or platform to capture and identify the textual characters from the consent note in order to proceed with authenticity. 

ICR recognition is also utilizable afterward. During approval of a substantial transaction, the bank or virtual currency platform can also instruct the client to upload an image with a content note. The ICR recognition again comes in handy. The handwritten note is verified, the text gets identified and transitioned in no time. The ultrafast deliverance of the scanner icr software results in a swift process that further leads to better customer satisfaction. 

Record Keeping

The ICR recognition creates a safe and forever intact storage unit for handwritten data. The records of clients, vendors, employees, suppliers, and multiple other parties are maintained and are always a single click away. It is ideal during recruiting staff, ICR recognition scans the documents of the newly appointed employee and saves the data in a secure facility. 

It is also inevitable for a business firm as every entity even now collaborates with some strategic alliances that are not completely digitized or automated in their workplace. 


Valuable insights in the form of the great literature of early age are seamlessly preserved by the ICR recognition. The character recognition app learns different writing styles and converts them into a standard state for others’ benefit.

Healthcare Providers

Unpredictable circumstances frequently take place when it comes to hospitals and the healthcare industry. ICR recognition can enable the management of a hospital or healthcare to access a patient medical record swiftly in the hour of need. The onboarding of foreign patients does not suffer due to different nationalities or the complexity of handwritten documents either due to the scanner application 

Data Entry 

Rapid globalization is increasing the businesses but also the workload of management. Back in the early days, punching data manually would pose a great deal of risk and also a high margin of human error. ICR recognition eliminates the enormous costs and time invested in each job. 


ICR recognition is inevitable for different sorts of financial corporations and businesses of different industries. Whether it’s healthcare, education, or marketing firms, ICR recognition is mandatory to meet set goals. The scanner application is embedded with millions of complex writing styles and fonts, supplementing businesses with a great value that is believed to enhance in future years.