Know How to Crack PTE-A Speaking Like a Pro with PTE Tutorials!

PTE Speaking is one of the difficult tasks in terms of time management as You need to answer 5 different types of tasks in 30-35 minutes. And this is one of the tasks where the test takers might make mistakes. You need to focus on the two enabling skills, i.e. Oral Fluency and Pronunciation.

You have to focus on the following tips to achieve a better PTE Score in the PTE Academic exam:

  1. Focus on Oral Fluency- speak in a clear tone.
  2. Do not speak too fast or too slow. Keep a normal pace.
  3. Do not hesitate and stop if you make a mistake. Keep Speaking.
  4. Do not use unnecessary fillers.
  5. Avoid using ‘aam’ or ‘uhms’ in your sentences.
  6. Practice recording your speaking tasks to review them for Oral Fluency and pronunciation.
  7. Make sure you keep the mic in the right position.
  8. Test all the test equipment to avoid any fault. If found any, get it replaced.

Apart from all these tips, you can also practice regularly with the PTE Tutorials mobile app that provides you with a lot of FREE Questions to practice and also you can record and practice your answer for the speaking section. Download and start now.

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