How & Where to Place Netgear Extender

Everyone talks about the extender placement. However, do you know why? Well, no one is talking about it. So, to show you how much Netgear extender placement affects your internet experience, you should go through the following points. All these points are going to assist you in the perfect extender placement.

So, without any delay and help you access, you should get through the following. After that, you will know how or where to place your Netgear extender. Keep reading to know more.

Tips to Place Netgear Extender

Close to Router

In search of extending the current WiFi network, people place the extender at the end of the house. They don’t realize that placing the extender so far won’t help them. Instead, you need to find the sweet spot for the extender placement.

It should be within the router’s range so that the extender is receiving the internet connectivity. However, it must be at such a distance that your current WiFi range increases. So, even if you connect to Netgear_ext (SSID), you will get the best WiFi coverage.

Avoid Reflexive Objects

Do you have glass, mirrored, or reflexive surfaces inside your house? Well, in that case, you should keep the Netgear extender away from the reflexive surfaces. These surfaces are poor conductors of wireless signals. Hence, you might not get the desired WiFi coverage within the house.

What you can do is either remove mirrors or other reflexive objects away from the extender. Or, you can simply place the Netgear extender in some other location. Thus, the current WiFi range stays strong over time.

Keep Away Electrical Objects

Nearly every electrical device emits radio waves. These hamper the other wireless signals around them. Therefore, if you keep the extender closer to an electrical appliance, you might have a poor internet connection.

Therefore, when it comes to the extender placement, you should always keep a check on the electrical appliances, most importantly microwaves. So, you should find another place for the Netgear extender placement.

Keep Extender Upright

Every Netgear extender has antennas that are connected on top of the device. Therefore, you need to understand how these antennas work. If you are going to put the device upside down or in any other position, the connection might not stay strong.

However, when you keep the device upright or straight, the antennas will send and receive the best data. Hence, you would be getting the best internet coverage. So, you need to know what the ideal placement of the Netgear extender is.

Avoid Windows

The WiFi signals from the Netgear extender are emitted in a wave. Therefore, they don’t change directions. You have to be in their way to get the most out of the internet connectivity. However, placing the extender near a window means most of the signals are going to waste.

Apart from that, you won’t even be able to use the WiFi signals coming out of the device. Therefore, at first, you need to change the placement of the device. After that, you need to avoid windows to ensure that the signals are not lost.

Choose a Central Location

Are you placing the Netgear extender in the remote corner of the house? Even though there is nothing wrong with that. However, such placement won’t help you the best. Instead, you need to choose the central location of your house.

Place the extender in the middle of your house. Depending on your house and its area, you need to place the extender closer to either the floor or the roof. Each location depends on whether you have a basement or a room on the first floor.

Wrap Up

Just keep all the points mentioned above in check while placing your Netgear extender. When everything is in check, you can easily access http://mywifiext to login into your extender and access the extender dashboard. So, with everything going right, you have the best internet experience throughout your house.