How to Draw an Elephant Cartoon Easy With Step By Step

How to Draw an Elephant Cartoon

The elephant cardboard we will use in this lesson. Learn how to draw an elephant cartoon character with step by step. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw this cute cartoon elephant. It looks complicated, but don’t worry – we’ll use simple shapes to make the body and then add the details a little bit at a time, so grab your paper and pencil, and you’re off!

Draw a Cartoon Elephant – Start Drawing a Cartoon Elephant

Start drawing your cartoon elephant. We will take our elephant into three central circles that will make his head and body. The central circle is more than just a circle. Try your best to match the dimensions of the processes and where they are placed next to each other. Draw very little, to begin with, so that it can easily erase any ‘lines of work’ that are not needed.

Drawing the Feet and Knees of the Elephant

Draw the feet and knees of the elephant. Three of the elephant’s feet are on the ground. Draw the knee and foot along the ovals seen here. The dotted lines show what we will need to erase.

Drawing Elephant Legs

We are drawing elephant legs. We will take her legs by connecting with the bears that we are only flexible in the body. These lines are all curved. We will also add an oval for the foot that he is “waving” at us.

Draw a Cartoon Elephant – Finishing the legs

I am finishing the legs. Pay attention to the lines that make her “waving” legs. The red lines show where you can draw some straight lines that will show where her skin is folded. Giving him wrinkles and folds will help to show that he is a massive elephant.

Draw a Cartoon Elephant – Draw an Elephant’s Head

Draw an Elephant’s Head. Now it’s time to draw head features. You can see where his cheeks fold from his main oval-shaped head. We will also add the eyes and shapes of his ears.

Draw an Elephant Trunk

Draw the elephant tree. Next came the elephant tree and his smile. Notice how the “smile line” follows the flow of his trunk.

Drawing a Cartoon Elephant – Completing the Outline Drawing

Completion of Outline Drawing. Outlining the cartoon elephant is almost done! Now we finish her smile and add the tail.

The Finished Elephant Drawing Cartoon

The finished, colored elephant cartoon drawing ideas. Now to finish drawing the elephant in the cartoon. For the final step in the fun cartoon drawing lesson, we’ll add lashes and eyebrows, a haircut, and then some color! There you are, a classic cartoon elephant.

I hope you love this tutorial and enjoy it very much!

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