Complete Information About Common Dental Check-up Procedures?

What is dental examination?

A dental examination is a diagnostic procedure for your teeth and gum. Both children and adults may face oral problems throughout their lives. Thus dental examination is important to find out the actual reason for tooth problems. Dentists suggest tooth examination twice a year to protect and cure all kinds of oral health problems. If we don’t treat our oral problems, they may become severe and create a very painful situation.

Oral hygiene is the basics of our complete hygiene, so when we are considering a healthy lifestyle, we need to take care of our oral health including teeth and gum. Because chronic gum and dental problem alleviate nutrition consumption. 

A dental examination is performed by a professional experienced dentist and hygienist. The dentist is a medical doctor specially trained to take care of oral health including gums and teeth. The dental hygienist is a medical professional who cleans the teeth complete before doing any kind of examination and procedure. He also helps their patient to follow good oral hygiene habits.

A dentist is an expert to treat dental problems of all ages, but for your child, you must go to the pediatric dentist. It is because pediatric dentists know about child psychologists. Therefore, they can reduce the anxiety and fear of children before the examination.

Importance of dental examination?

A dental examination is important to identify the gum problems, infection of gum and teeth, and tooth decay, cavity, and other oral complication at an early stage, when it is convenient to cure properly. The series of dental examinations is also very helpful to educate people on how to take care of their dent and gums, and maintain proper oral hygiene.

Why do you need a dental examination?

All children and adults should go for dental examination every 6-month intervals. When you are suffering from gum inflammation, red and swollen gums, the symptoms refers to gingivitis, cavity, and infection, which may weaken your teeth and deteriorate your complete oral health. In this situation, you have to dentist clinic more often. The dentist may suggest some children and adults with dental complications for a dental checkup three to four times a year. It is because frequent examinations help your dentist to identify the problem and alleviates the symptoms of more serious dental complications popular as periodontitis. Periodontitis causes infection, cavity, and tooth loss.

Parents of infant babies should take appointments for their babies when their first teeth come out. The appointment should be taken within six months of getting their baby tooth. After that baby needs to follow the same regularities of dental check-up as normal adults. If you observe any abnormalities on your baby’s gum, then take the help of a dentist immediately. Because it can be the symptom of tooth development or any other dental issues,

What process takes place during a dental procedure?

A typical dental examination procedure consists of multiple steps including cleaning by a dental hygienist, x-ray of certain tooth, and complete check-up of your mouth by the dentist.

During the cleaning process of teeth and gum

ü Child or adult will ask to seat in a large bend chair. An illuminated light will be focused on your mouth. Next, the hygienist will clean your tooth and gum using a metal comfortable dental tool. He will scrape your teeth with the scalpel to remove tartar and plaque. When we do not brush our teeth properly, the oral bacteria make a sticky film on our teeth which is known as plaque. The accumulation of plaque makes tartar.

  • After cleansing your teeth thoroughly, the hygienist will floss your teeth
  • After flossing you will be brushed with a special electric toothbrush
  • Next your dentist will apply a fluoride gel on your teeth. Fluoride is very effective to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay promotes the cavity. Doctors use more fluoride components for children than adults
  • After the complete cleansing process dentist will give you some basic to advanced care tips related to flossing and brushing

During X-ray through X-ray 

Dentist can identify cavities, bone loss, tooth decay, gum disease which can not be seen just through bare eyes. There is a different kind of dental X-ray available for diagnosis purposes. 

A full-mouth series X-ray is good to check your overall dental health. Bitewing X-ray is used to check the cavity, infection, and other subtle tooth complications.

Dentists check the bite posture of your teeth through an X-ray. If they find out any biting problem, they may recommend an orthodontist.

The doctor also checks the possibilities of oral cancer if you feel pain under your jawline. Take the picture of the inside of your mouth to visit small defects including your lips, side of the tongue roof, and floor of the mouth.

Apart from regular dental check-ups there are teeth scaling and polishing treatments available to improve your appearance with a dazzling smile.