Facebook Not Responding? Easy Ways To Resume Usage Of Facebook Applications On Samsung Galaxy S4

Facebook not responding? Well, this is a common problem faced by all Facebook users. It is very frustrating to see Facebook not responding for some reason or the other. But before getting into deep troubles, you need to find out what actually went wrong. The first thing that you need to do is take a look at your Facebook settings. Check whether there is any new update regarding the Facebook not responding problem.

What To Do When Facebook Not Responding On Android Phone? Check if the Facebook application installed on your Android smartphone is still updated. Even if the app is an older one, update it as soon as possible. Also, make sure your phone has perfect internet connectivity. This will help you fix Facebook’s problem.

Facebook Not Responding

Why is my Facebook not responding

Lack of memory space is the prime reason for Facebook not responding. If Facebook has reduced the size of its cache, your computer will have no choice but to cut Facebook applications down to minimum size. This will affect Facebook speed and performance. The user needs to upgrade the Facebook software to fix this issue. The developer can increase the size of the cache in his Android device to fix Facebook not responding android problems.

Another reason for Facebook not responding could be due to “web browser cache“. The browser cache serves as a storage facility for all the data related to browsing history of a web page. Every time you browse the net, the web browser stores some information in the browser cache. Facebook also accesses the browser cache to store information about the latest updates received by the Facebook applications. If the web cache is not functioning properly, then Facebook will not be able to pull information from it, which leads to Facebook not responding.

Fixes Facebook not Responding on Android

To fix this problem, you can clear data from the browser cache and upgrade your Facebook application to the latest version. First open Facebook, tap the “Apps” option. Select “Check For Updates“, if there is an update available for your Facebook app, tap on it. In case you do not see an update, uninstall Facebook and reinstall it on your android device.

Force Quit – If Facebook becomes really slow after performing a cache clearing operation, then it might be due to a temporary block in the internet connection. The device will restart and then force quit Facebook again. To make sure that you do not force quit Facebook, simply wait until it completely restarts. Once it does, touch the home button and go back to the home screen. Wait for a few minutes and Facebook will start functioning normally again.

Browser crashing Sometimes, web browsers crash when Facebook applications are open. Occasionally, one may come across issues like Facebook not responding. One of the reasons why this occurs is because one has upgraded the version number of the Facebook web browser without restarting it. In such cases, force quitting the Facebook web browser may not be possible and only a hard reset of the device can solve the problem. Simply press and hold the Home key on your keyboard and then choose settings, in order to access the browser settings.

Use another application to temporarily switch over to the previous version of the Facebook web browser. Open the other app, tap the menu and then select “Open” and then tap the Facebook app icon. By using this alternate application, you will be able to use the previous Facebook settings and user experience. After switching to the new version of Facebook, the old Facebook application will remain on the device. This will allow the user to continue using the Facebook applications even though the Facebook app not responding to error messages has been removed from the phone. This can easily solve all the errors that you are encountering while using Facebook on your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

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