5 Secrets about Custom Macaron Boxes

Sweets are most favorite and liked by many people. According to the research, consumption of sweet products increased by 13% in the last ten years. Not only that, more than $33.5 billion is spent on sweet snacks in the USA.  So if we talk about sweets, how can we ignore macaron, the most delicious and yummy snack of all time. 

The macaron business is also in competition and increased with time. Different bakeries cover customers in different areas and earn profits. You can also earn a lot of profit in the macaron business by developing some strategies. Following are some secrets that can help you in the macaron business. To engage customers with your macarons, you have to use good quality material in the macarons as well as for their packaging. Design an attractive and use custom macaron boxes to serve your macaron to the public in an efficient way. 

Custom Macaron Boxes

Available in Various Materials

As the demand for the macaron increases and its packaging also innovates itself. Packaging can help you in many ways. It can protect your macaron, customers also feel good if they get a product in packaging. Because packaging remains the product save from impurities. Following are the materials that are used for the packaging of macaron for different purposes.

Cardboard Materials: Cardboard materials are commonly used in the packaging industry. The reason for using cardboard is that they are less expensive and easily available in the market. These materials are strong enough that they can easily protect your macarons from damage. 

Corrugated Materials: Corrugated boxes are also commonly used in the shipping of macarons. Because in shipping, macarons may face many jerks and hurdles, so it is the responsibility of the macaron business to deliver the macarons carefully. These corrugated boxes are the best for shipping purposes because of their robust materials and manufacturing.

Kraft Boxes: Kraft boxes are also preferred for the packaging of the macarons. These boxes are eco-friendly, and we all are trying to save our ozone layer from hazardous gases that deplete and damage the ozone. So these boxes are 100% eco-friendly, but they cannot bear heavyweight because of their lightweight. 

You can design all the boxes customized. The custom macaron boxes are an easy way to attract customers and promote the business. 

Available in Different Shaping Variations

To attract the customer’s traffic to the brand and increase the sales, the different shapes of serving macaron and its presentation in different custom macaron boxes is a good idea. These attractive and creative ideas can help in boosting your sales. There are many boxes available in the market, and you can design them with customization.

Macaron Boxes with Windows: This is an attractive design available in the options of custom macaron boxes for customers’ attention. Macarons can be observed by looking at them because they are the main source of attraction for the customer. In this way, macaron boxes consist of a window on the front of the boxes, so customers can easily see the macarons inside the box, and this is enough to make the customer appetize for the macaron. 

Macaron Sleeve Boxes: Macaron Sleeve boxes consist of two-piece packaging one the cover and drawer-itself a box. This is a slide box, and macarons are added to the drawer. It also creates a surprising scene for the customer. 

Macaron Boxes with Divider: these boxes are designed to protect macarons from breaking. A specific and equal space is spare for each macaron. These boxes do not allow them to move freely, the divider firmly keeps the macarons at their place, which can save them from breaking. 

Cylindrical Shaped Boxes for Macaron: It’s a vertical-shaped box and closed from both ends. One side is easily openable on the other hand, the other side is closed firmly because the much weight of the macarons is bear by the properly closed side. Cylindrical-shaped boxes are available in many materials. You can use stainless steel, plastic, or cardboard materials as well. 

Other Attractive Shape for Macaron: You can get any shaped boxes for the macaron. There are lots of shapes like over, square, heart, round, etc. You can select any shape for your macarons that is suitable for your product. 

The only customization allows you to design your custom macaron boxesin any design and shape, as well as print anything on them according to your need.

Available in Attractive Themes

It is better to use attractive themes for your macaron packaging. For example, your macaron box color should be matched with your bakery theme. Additionally, the macarons are a delicious snack and can be used in any happy event to enjoy and make it memorable. On national events like Independence Day, Christmas, Halloween, etc., you can change your box theme according to the event. It is also a source of gaining customer’s attraction. 

Custom Macaron Boxes

Help to Keep Your Food Product Fresh

Custom macaron boxes help you to secure your macarons from damages as well as from dust or other particles. Food products should always be covered with something. Using airtight boxes for the macarons can help to save your macarons from moisture and keep your macarons crispy. It also gives a superior look of your macarons business to customers 

Available in Different Serving Sizes

You can use and design any size to serve macaron to your customers according to your desires and needs. This can enhance the customer experiences that you care for your customer and serve macaron in proper custom macaron boxes

Conclusion: The demand for macarons is increasing day by day, it’s a good opportunity for you. There are a lot of packaging designs available in the market, and also, in your mind, you can design your own custom macaron boxes to engage the customers towards your macaron business.