Advancement in Distribution Automation for Substations and Pole Tops

Remote substation systems have had wide popularity in the recent past. The innovative technology that incorporates advanced Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Human-machine Interface (HMI), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems deliver convenient and comfortable operations.

Typically, the system can appear complex, with several components and subcomponents connected. With the constant research and development undertaken by expert agencies in the field, power generation and distribution automation have become a hassle-free process. Advanced components, that explore a wide range of IoT, present a quick solution for all the control, monitoring, and regulating activities.

How has the Distribution Automation in Substation and Pole Tops been Simplified?

Accessibility has been a serious concern when it comes to remote-based power generation and monitoring systems. Substations are important systems that must have the highest level of security. Any intrusion in the systems can create unwarranted chaos and issues. Maintaining the highest level of vigil to prevent sabotage and intrusion has been making the situation more complex.

Technological experts could overcome all these concerns by inventing safe and secure systems and infusing them with custom-designed components. Earlier substation PCs were an unavoidable requirement to facilitate the remote operation of substation systems. Imagine the issues one has to manage when a specific PC is earmarked for such a highly secure task.

Presently, web-based SCADA and HMI solutions can be used instead of the subject PC. Eliminating the complexities pertaining to the PC that had been troubling the team.

The technology used for simplifying the secure substation automation gateway in substations and pole tops is rather straightforward. A facility provider can custom-design and develop exclusive software according to the requirement of the client. In turn, the user can monitor, manage and maintain the systems through a standard web browser. No specific line is necessary.

Having a custom-tailored interface, the possibility of an intrusion by a third party can be nullified. The browser would fetch the data sought from IEDs and RTUs and deliver it to the operator. Standard software will have all the basic structures for data collection, status indication, recording of occurrences, setting of reminder alarms, communication facilities and troubleshooting support, and so on.

How do the Modern Substations Function?

One may be surprised to find the evolution of remote-based automated substations and pole tops. It has come a long way since its introduction. The ultra-modern substations utilize microprocessor-based relays that are induced with specific protocols. This provides instantaneous communication with the main system and retrieves real-time data and event info as and when sought.

Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) is a commonly used protocol. Master stations with SCADA systems, RTU simulator , IEDs, etc can be installed with this protocol for ease of communication and functionality. Interoperation of IEDs from different manufacturers may need international standard protocols to be used.

Benefits of Using Advanced Systems

The simplified distribution automation system not only offers easy operation prospects of substations and pole tops but also has other remarkable benefits.

·         One can obtain in-depth information and complete statistical data with the modern IEDs in place

·         It was a challenging task to retrieve data from the IEDs earlier, which has become simple with the introduction of advanced systems

·         No need to travel to the substation site or automation center

·         Clear ideas about the repair or maintenance work in the substation will be available all the time. This helps in designating the right men for the task

·         Check the system performance, institute necessary actions and manage tasks on the move, through a smartphone

·         All the info will be available in a single click

With the simplified distribution automation in substations and pole tops, productivity, performance, and maintainability have improved significantly.