The Best Websites to Watch Chinese Drama With English Subtitles for Free

The best way to watch Chinese drama is with English subtitles. Some of the most popular Chinese dramas are “My Fair Princess,” “Noble Aspirations,” and “The Story of Ming Lan.” If you’re looking for an excellent place to watch these dramas with English subtitles, then here are some places where you can find them for free.

Websites where you can watch Chinese Drama

You might be asking, what are the websites where you can watch Chinese Drama and movies without paying money? In order to answer this question, you need to know about Chineseblocks.com. It is one of the most popular websites that offer a free platform to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles. The site covers all the popular Chinese dramas such as “The Story of Ming Lan,” “All About Eve,” and “Yang Chi Hua.” You can find English subtitles for all the dramas that are on Chineseblocks.com by scrolling down. You can download all the videos on their site and view them offline on your computer or device. It is quite safe to watch Chinese dramas without paying for any of the services. This is a brilliant platform to watch all of the Chinese dramas without paying any money.

Sites that are paid

The first site that you should look at is one that has been touted by many celebrities as the best website to watch Chinese dramas. It’s called Wuyi. However, it is also one of the sites that is completely free and has some restrictions. The list of some of the shows that you can watch on Wuyi includes “The Prince Who Turns into a Pig,” “Dream High School,” “Unicorn”, and many more. The same applies to Xianmao.com, which is the second best website to watch Chinese drama. However, unlike Wuyi, the first two words in Xianmao.com’s name indicate that it is a paid website.

Sites that are free

First, you can try: Dramacool.com This is a free site that’s excellent for finding English subtitled Chinese dramas. In addition, the website lets you watch full versions of the dramas. If you want to learn Chinese, then try: Douban. This site is best for learning Chinese by watching dramas. While the site is free, you can pay to get more options, and the site is more streamlined. If you don’t care about learning Chinese, then try: Wuba. This site lets you get a free subscription to its channel. The site provides all of the same options that NoIMDb offers, including the English subtitles.

If you are looking for where to watch chinese drama with english subtitles for free, then you have come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of some of the best websites on the web that offer free Chinese dramas with English subtitles. There are many great benefits to being able to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles for free.

For instance, if you are just learning the language, it offers another way of learning. Or if your native tongue is English then it helps you practice reading new pronunciations and words in a new language.

If you are a fan of Chinese drama, Movies but find it difficult to find a website to watch your favorite show with English subtitles, Kdrama.com is the website for you! On this site, you will be able to find websites that offer free videos with English subtitles for fee-less viewing. There are many other features on the site as well. You can learn about dramas that are coming out soon or browse through reviews of the latest shows. This site has everything you need to enjoy your favorite Chinese show!


The best way to watch Chinese dramas is with the help of an excellent device and excellent software. The price range is affordable, and most of the online streaming sites have free and premium versions. You can go through a variety of free options, but you need to be cautious while choosing the most reliable one.

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