10 Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2021

Covid-19 came as a rude shock to the economy. It literally changed the way people conduct businesses. Online became the buzzword. The real estate market was also not immune to the aftermath of the pandemic. The demand for commercial real estate decreased as people moved back to their hometowns to work from their homes.

The year 2021 can be termed as the year of slow return of the normal. The world is now getting used to the new norm of social distancing and face masks. But there is positivity in the real estate market. What has changed is the way businesses connect with potential customers. The focus on real estate marketing ideas for 2021 is on online marketing now.       

10 top real estate marketing ideas for 2021

As the world adjusts itself, it is time to stay strong and also go ahead in the competition. Here are the ten top real estate marketing ideas for 2021 that will put your business on the fast track to success.

1.  Build a website

We cannot stress the importance of being online in the digital age. Social media presence is a must. So is your website. A responsive website acts as an online interface for customers to view your business details all in one place. Include details such as-

  • Contact details- Address with Google Map integration, contact number
  • Office working hours
  • About your service
  • Blogs- To share your expertise with readers and establish authority
  • Contact us form- Integrate it with your laptop and mobile to send & receive emails
  • Story of your business- For human connection with customers.

List all the properties for sale on the website with details like video tours, images, addresses, and descriptions. Get the interested customers to sign an inquiry form. Work on the leads to convert them into customers.

2.  Be active on social media

For people who have just started, the cost may be a barrier to invest in a complete website or mobile app. Social media connects them with customers online. Explore social media and its features to engage and grow your audience. Hire professional photographers to capturebeautiful home images to post on your social media. Engage in a drone shot or a 360-degree video that increases the curiosity of customers. Do not miss replying to the comments and messages of your customers.

3.  Grow your email list

Lead generation form on the website and social media accounts will get you the customer email id and the contact numbers. Prepare an attractive email template and add a CTA to call you or visit the website. The topics for your email content may be- 

  • Free checklist for home buyers& sellers.
  • Latest market news
  • Good properties in the market
  • Educating readers on any real estate topic
  • Link to website blogs

As long as you provide valuable content, people will be happy to open the email and read the content. It helps to establish your brand identity and turn customers into loyal supporters of your brand.

4.  Opt for paid campaigns online

A few years ago, marketers struggled to find means to improve the visibility of businesses with organic SEO. The paid campaign was limited to ads in newspapers. But now, paid campaigns have a better probability of increasing visibility and getting sales leads. You can use paid campaigns for-

  • Social media channels such as Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Google PPC for ads to be displayed on Google search page results, YouTube, and other Google-linked websites. 
  • Search engine ads on Yahoo and Bing.

The Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns ensure that businesses pay for only the clicks making it cost-effective. Also, paid campaigns can be targeted to reach a niche audience. If there is one idea in real estate marketing that is a must in 2021, our choice will be the paid campaigns.     

5.  Work on local directory listing 

Where does a customer search for homes to buy online? Most probably, it is first on Google. Google My Business offers local businesses an opportunity to increase their online visibility. Here, customers can view information such as the business hours, description, images, and reviews of your business. There are hundreds of local directories available to help get customers and connect you with other related businesses.

  • Zillow- The most popular real estate agent website
  • Trulia- Best for sellers & buyers to find agents and homes.
  • Realtor- A great website to find and sell homes, find agents, and mortgage lenders.
  • MLS- Multiple Listing Service search for buyers, sellers, and realtors.
  • RE/MAX- Franchises and agents available in many of the US states.
  • Redfin- End-to-end solutions in real estate for home buyers & sellers.

Another crucial aspect of listing on a real estate website is that it earns valuable backlinks to your website and increases authority. It helps in ranking the website in the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).

6.  Real estate branding with customer reviews

Nothing sells like word-of-mouth referrals. Satisfied customers talking about their experience with your services builds brand identity like no other. Incorporate the customer reviews on as many places visible, and your customers will start trusting you. 

  • Testimonials on your website & app
  • Videos of customer reviews on social media platforms
  • Ratings & review on Google My Business
  • Ratings on local real estate directories     

Referrals help you build credibility and this, in turn, gives you customers. Your future customers are those who have come to you because they have believed in the referrals.    

7.  Invest in good quality images and videos

Visual content offers a more realistic insight into the home. Videos and images give your marketing strategy a much better “wow” factor.  

  • Arrange for virtual walkthroughs since people are not able to visit and inspect homes.
  • Make a drone video of the home and surrounding areas for people to get a sense of the surrounding community.
  • Make a 360-degree home video to get the best view of each room.
  • Hire a professional photographer to capture high-quality images

Incorporate video and image content in your marketing idea to get instant sales.  

8.  Network with the local professionals

Networking is one crucial real estate marketing idea not just for 2021 but even after. The pandemic canceled the chance to meet professionals for business last year. But with measures in place, the meetings and events are starting again. It is the time to connect with local professionals like doctors, engineers, and lawyers to see if anyone is interested in buying or selling homes. 

9.  Connect with complementary businesses

Connecting with businesses that complement your real estate industry is another way of getting leads. Real estate lawyers, real estate consulting firms, and mortgage brokers have good insights into the market. You can connect with-

  • Lawyers who help craft contracts
  • Mortgage brokers who help with finances
  • Real estate consulting firms
  • Interior decorators
  • Professional cleaners
  • Landscape business owners

Keeping in constant touch with businesses concerned with real estate not only gives your business a boost but keeps you updated about the market.

10.              Partner with a real estate consulting firm for branding

Pick the best real estate consulting firm that specializes in branding for your business. Real estate branding is a niche field, and it requires good experience. Real estate business branding solutions may be-

  • Collaborating with influencers.
  • Managing social media profiles.
  • Organizing and managing events.
  • Participating in real estate fairs.
  • Conceptualizing logo, taglines, brochures, and cards.
  • Online digital marketing.

There are a ton of ideas for real estate branding. But these require dedicated work. If you don’t have the time to involve yourself, invest in the services of a real estate consulting firm. They will unburden you from the task of real estate branding so that you focus on selling and buying homes.

Summing up the ten top real estate marketing ideas for 2021

Your success is by the way you present your business to the world. Try these ten top real estate marketing ideas for 2021 and tell us if these worked for you.