What Can You Expect From The Process Of Church Roof Installation?

Are you planning to get your church roof installed? We are here sharing the things that you should know so that you can avoid the last-minute rush and do not panic before or during the process of roof installation.

Reasons for getting a new roof for your church

The roof of the Lord’s abode should be in good condition for the safety of the congregation. There can be several reasons when your church calls for the need for church roof installation. Let’s discuss them so that you can know when it’s time for your church to get its new roof.

Weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions like snow, rain can cause damage to the roof of your church. So, after the storm calms down, you should check for leaks, broken gutters, or missing shingles. If you find any damage to the roof of a church, you should call the roof experts for its repair or installation.

City code requirements

Your church may age older and, the new code requirements require it to get it renovated for its longer life and safety.


You should check for the molds or rodents in your church as they can be the reason for the damage to the roof. Before you call roofing experts, you should call the rodent pest control service providers so that they do not damage the roof after getting re-installed.

What to expect during roof installation

The process of roof installation is not taxing if you get aware of the process well in advance. You can search for flat roof contractors near me as they are also well-trained to do the roof installation of the church, keeping the process hassle-free and convenient for you, and will follow the below-mentioned steps.

Planning for installation

Before starting the installation work, the roof experts will visit the church for inspection and see for the issues in the roof and will do the repairs work if it needs to get done before installation. They will provide you with the details of the estimated expenses that you have to bear for getting the roof of your church installed. They will also obtain permission if required before starting the installation process.

Prepare the church for installation

Before the roof experts begin the installation work, they will prepare the site so that they carry on with their work with ease. They will cover the outdoor plants with the tarp and you can also help them with the process to avoid any inconvenience to the roofing experts and you.

  • You should clear the way for roofing experts by removing or covering the outdoor furniture and lawn decorations.
  • Before you search for flat roof contractors near me, you should trim the grass of your lawn so that the debris or nails do not get hidden in them and hurt you or any of the roofing experts.
  • You should cover all the items under the attic of your church with a tarp so that they do not get damaged from the roof debris.
  • Also, before the construction work for roof installation starts, ensure that you park all your vehicles in the garage or on the streets so that they do get damaged from the falling debris.

Remove the old roof

As part of the preparation process, the roofing experts will prepare the ground for the installation process by removing the older shingles, drip edging, flashing, and disposing of them in a roll-off dumpster.


To ensure the safety of the new roof, the experts will do all the repairs to the plywood before beginning the church roof installation.

Installing Ice Dam Protection

In areas where snowfall is a day-to-day affair, the experts will install the snow safeguards to prevent the shingles from getting damaged due to the moisture.

Roofing paper

The asphalt roofing paper, also known as tar or roofing felt, is installed in overlapping layers to prevent the moisture from sweeping beneath the shingles or spaces around chimneys.

Drip edging

During the church roof installation, drip edges get installed on the eaves and the side of the gable, to slip away the rain and melted snow from its fascia and, preventing the roof from getting damaged.


The rainwater or the melting snow that gets accumulated in the valleys on the roof deck gets directed away from these areas; when flashing is nailed in the roof.

Laying shingles and ridge vent

The experts will lay the shingles, starting from the eaves and moving upwards towards the roof. They also add the ridge vent to maintain the proper air circulation inside the attic.


So, now that you get aware of the process before roof installation, you can pull up your socks to help the roof experts to prepare the site for the roof installation. If you hire a team of reputed experts, they will make things easier and do it all for you.