Yokohama Tires: Are They Any Good for Your Car?

Since the UAE has harsh weather, motorists pay extra attention to their vehicles and tire maintenance. Driving with worn-out tires or with less pressure can be hazardous. When picking tires for your car, Yokohama tyres offers Abu Dhabi is something you should definitely benefit from. A popular tire manufacturing brand, Yokohama specializes in tires for passenger cars, commercial trucks, SUVs, and performance cars. Along with these, Yokohama manufactures original equipment tires for stock vehicles and specialty applications like car competitions and winter driving. 

Drivers seek such tires for their vehicles that produce less noise and should be suitable for any terrain, with high puncture resistance, and help you carry heavyweight. The tire models from Yokohama possess these characteristics as they are produced using Nano-technology, which makes them suitable for diverse terrain. 

Popular Tire Range from Yokohama

The Advan and Avid are Yokohama’s most popular tire models. Several models of Advan tires range from Advan Sport, an ultra-high performance to the AD48, a popular tire used in races that has the approval of the Department of Transportation. Another popular tire model is the AVID ENVigor, which is an all-season tire that delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, comfort, and long tread life.

Tires from Yokohama are designed differently to suit a wide range of vehicles. For instance, the ADVAN Neova goes through computer simulations, toughest racing circuits, and laboratory tests before they reach the customers. Yokohama tires are suitable for all cars. The ADVAN sports range provides maximum grip to the drivers on wet roads. The steering is great along with great speed. The ADVAN S.T happens to be the fastest SUV wheels in the world. 

Original Equipment Tires

Yokohama makes original equipment tires for brands like Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, and Honda, to name a few. The fact that these big names have picked Yokohama talks about the quality, reliability, and the brand’s safety. Every year, more new models featuring Original Yokohama tires are added to this list.

Yokohama Winter Tyres

The brand makes great winter tires as well which includes, IceGUARD, and Geolander. These models offer great traction on snow and ice due to the specially developed tread patterns that bite into the road surface. Moreover, these tires come with high-draining siping grooves that allow the melting ice and snow to go out of the tread pattern. This lessens the risk of hydroplaning.

All in all, Yokohama is a quality brand of tires. You can rest assured to have a safe and comfortable ride with these tyres fitted to your vehicle. The brand has been in the tire industry for a long time and has established a reputation for itself with a track record for customer satisfaction. Yokohama tires are reliable and come with a manual too. Abu Dhabi tyre shop has all the renowned and reliable tire brands. It is an online tire shop Abu Dhabi from where you can get genuine tires for your vehicles. You can get them fitted from the different locations spread out across the city.