What Is Copa Airlines Name Change Policy

Travelers frequently make mistakes while making their airline reservations. We can call it the adrenaline or enthusiasm that causes someone to enter incorrect information on the reservation form. They enter the name and other facts incorrectly, submit the application without verifying it, and then receive the same information on the PNR.

Regarding Copa Airlines’ position on rebranding, there is just one more reason to support the airline. As with many other service standards, the carrier has gone above and beyond to make the name alteration process simple, easy to use, and convenient. Verify Copa Airlines Name Change to steer clear of mistakes on your trip.

How Can My Copa Airlines Ticket Name Be Corrected?

It’s critical to comprehend the most efficient and legal ways to change one’s name before acting. You may get a detailed description of all of the platforms that are accessible to you for this reason in this area of the website. Let’s continue to monitor it.

Copa Airlines Announces Online Name Change-

  • Visit Copa Airlines’ official website first.
  • Now, you may log into your account by providing your email address, password, and username.
  • The Manage My Booking section can then be accessed by the user.
  • After you go to the next page, pick the relevant reservation from the listing.
  • After that, you’ll need to provide the reservation number and last surname in order to change your personal information.
  • Before submitting, confirm that all essential adjustments have been made and that everything is correct.
  • By making the required payment at this point, the procedure can be finished.
  • In the end, Copa Airlines will give you a confirmation that includes the most recent details regarding your ticket.

Via Phone Call-

You can also call Copa Airlines at (802) 304-5670 to make the required changes to your ticket. When you get in touch with them, a real individual will assist you with making the changes and answer any queries you might have.

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To make use of a phone call approach, adhere to following guidelines-

  • Dial (802) 304 5670, which is Copa Airlines’ number.
  • To change the ticket, first choose the language you wish to use, and then click the IVR.
  • You will then have to wait for a customer care representative to return your call.
  • Distribute the relevant files and discuss the modification you would like to make to your ticket.
  • The executive will make the necessary corrections and provide the relevant data.

What charges does Copa Airlines have while changing its name?

A Copa Airways ticket name change may cost anything from $50 to $75, plus any taxes that apply and administrative costs, based on the value of the ticket. To submit the direct the payment, you can use “My Trips” or stop by their office. Get in touch with customer service if you require any more assistance or details.

What Are the Rules for Changing the Name on a Copa Airlines Ticket?

The traveler’s identity on the airline ticket and their photo ID or other legally binding travel proof must be identical, per a Copa Airlines policy. The first and last names must match the name on the ID.

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Each ticket may only have one name change, and the first, middle, and last name changes may each have a maximum of three characters.

Can I modify the name on my Copa Airlines ticket if I spelt anything incorrectly?

You can make name corrections on your Copa Airlines ticket if you think there was a spelling or legal error.

Is There a Fee for Name Corrections on Copa Airlines?

Yes, Copa Airlines may charge you for altering your name. The costs amount varies based on a number of variables, such as whether the ticket was bought via a travel company, whether further changes are needed to the flight’s date, duration, or the spot, and how much a trip abroad cost. For the most recent information on costs, visit Copa Airlines’ web page or contact its customer service department.

Circumstances pertaining to the Copa Airlines Name Change:

The Copa Airlines Name Correction Form must be completed and submitted in order to receive the name change.

  • Each ticket may only have one name change.
  • It is not permitted to totally alter or add someone else’s name to your ticket.
  • Changing one’s last name and full name at the same time is unacceptable.
  • Only those who haven’t used it before are eligible to have the choice to modify the name.

The only three characters that cannot be altered are the first, last, and middle names.