Valley of Flowers Trek | Paradise for Photographers

Located in the Pushpawati river valley at an altitude of about 3,600 metres inside the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, the Valley of Flowers National Park is quite famous for its abundance of endemic alpine flowers and all different varieties of wildflowers like daisies, anemones, primulas, calendulas and so on. One of the most famous treks in the state of Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flowers trek has emerged to be a popular destination among nature lovers. Each year, a large number of trekkers and mountaineers visit this trek to witness the jaw dropping beauty of the mountains and valleys. This article gives a brief description of some of the activities one can go for in the Valley of Flowers trek.

Trekking and Camping:

The Valley of Flowers trek is becoming increasingly popular among trekkers and mountaineers, owing to the breathtaking views of the valleys filled with blooming flowers and the magnificent mountain peaks in the backdrop. Trekking to and through the park is the best way to explore the valleys and witness the scenic beauty of the place. The Valley of Flowers trek will lead one through the mountain valleys filled with blooming wildflowers, meadows, and numerous waterfalls, streams and glaciers, and hills covered with pine and oak forests, making it one of the most popular treks in the state.


The Valley of Flowers National Park with its rich diversity of flora and fauna and the magnificent mountains in the skyline is truly a sheer delight for nature lovers. Besides visiting the park, one can also go for exploring other nearby locations, like the Nanda Devi National Park, Hemkund Sahib (one of the most revered Sikh shrines in Uttarakhand), Bheem Pul (a natural stone bridge in the Mana village), the Saraswati river, the Hemkund lake and Ghangaria (a small village on the way to Hemkund Sahib) to name a few. All of these places have their own charm and appeal, and are frequently visited by tourists during all seasons.


Valley of Flowers Trek

One of the most photogenic treks in the state, the Valley of Flowers trek is quite popular among photographers for the stunning views it offers. The picturesque mountain valleys filled with all different types of alpine flowers and wildflowers, and the rich diversity of rare and endangered animals makes this place no less than a paradise for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The beautiful lush green valleys along the rugged terrains of the Garhwal Himalayan mountains make up for simply breathtaking views. The park lying completely in the temperate alpine zone is one of the main reasons behind the rich biodiversity in the region. The ravishing views of the mountain valleys filled with wild roses and bushes of rhododendron with the snow laden mountains in the backdrop especially during the monsoon months of July to September are the main reason behind the huge popularity of this trek among photographers.

Bird watching:

Another important component of the Valley of Flowers trek is that it offers ample opportunities for bird watching, and is simply a rewarding experience. The right climatic conditions play a vital role behind the rich biodiversity and variety of wildlife in the region. A delightful experience for bird watchers, the Valley of Flowers trek lets one catch glimpses of some rare and famous birds, like the Pink Browed Rosefinch, the Himalayan Bulbul, the Himalayan monal pheasant and other high altitude birds.

One of the oldest and most famous treks in the country, the Valley of Flowers trek has its admirers and visitors from all over the world. The Valley of Flowers National Park has a major contribution towards the advancement of the tourism industry in the state of Uttarakhand. Apart from all the above mentioned activities one can go for throughout the trek, one also gets a chance to experience the age-old tradition and cultural heritage of the remote Garhwal Himalayan villages. Despite the challenges that this trek poses in the form of steep and narrow terrains and slippery roads, trekkers and mountaineers visit this trek frequently in search of serenity and solitude in the mountains, and what nature offers in return is definitely a fulfilling and rewarding experience of a lifetime.