Types of energy saving light bulbs

The user can now choose another form of lighting and replace the incandescent bulbs with different ones, such as the following:

1.- Halogen bulbs

They are small in size, with the same shape and quality of light as the traditional ones, but with lower consumption. Its tungsten filament heats up to a higher temperature and emits a focused white light, used with power regulators on objects or pictures. Inside the ampoule, it contains a gaseous atmosphere composed of a noble gas or a metal halide (halogenated mercury).

They have a high illumination capacity and their light is very intense (better if they are equipped with a filter), with a duration of approximately 3000 hours. There is even the ecological one called Ecoalógena.

2.- Fluorescent bulbs

They are tube type (gas discharges inside a tube with low intensity ultraviolet radiation and impacts on a phosphor coating) or low consumption or compact (similar to fluorescent tubes and the closest thing to a classic lamp) also known as CFL (compact fluorescent lamp).

types of fluorescent lamps for housing

They are available with plain (E27) or small (E14) Edison threaded bushings. Both bulbs have a very white and cold light, a long life span (8000 hours for the tube type and 7500 for the compact ones) and consume less electricity. Get your fishing light with cheap price 

However, by turning them on and off frequently, they reduce their useful life and are more expensive. Indicated in places such as corridors, kitchens, living rooms or offices.

3.- Dimmable led bulbs

Its benefits are much greater than the previous two types due to its reliability, energy license and vibrations. In addition, they allow us other applications such as remote control, intensity regulation, a wide range of colors and they shine directly with all the immediate intensity of a bright light with a sharp or soft appearance, counting that they work at a low temperature without the risk of possible burns.

A general scheme so that we can identify the lights for the house, although in some cases the form may vary a bit is:

How to choose the right LED bulb for a room in our house has always been a puzzle.

 You arrive at the store shelf, and suddenly, you find a catalog that offers the thousand best-LED bulbs of a multitude of shapes, colors, dimensions and power …

And which one do I choose?… You ask the clerk and he answers you with quick evidence… We have an LED bulb on offer that will be perfect for you! (The one they want to remove) Finishing in the basket a light bulb that we really don’t know if it is valid.

Savings by using led bulbs

We need to know such important concepts as evaluating the amount of light you need in lumens, what are the savings that we are going to have in relation to technology, what type of light you need, or explain concepts such as useful life, regulation or distribution of light intensity , etc. So we started ..