Hopping Guide: Everything you need to know about a night light

Night lights do a useful job when it’s time for a nap. Children remain calm and rely on the safe feeling when they are in bed. They feel accompanied. If you still have some questions due to the large selection, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. The idea is, to take maximum advantage of all the goodness of a night lamp.

What exactly are night lamp ideas?

Night lights can be a bright spot for your little one in the night. Sometimes children are a little afraid of the dark. Night lights are specially designed for the safe and warm feeling they give. Fear of the night disappears like snow in the sun, after which they doze off peacefully. They differ from more traditional bedside lamps in that their light is much softer and can often be dimmed. It won’t interrupt a nap. If you want your little ones to sleep peacefully, consider a night lamp on the nightstand.

Dad, Mom, there’s a monster under my bed! Who has never heard it call their child? Children fantasize about it, but not always cheerfully. The function of this type of night lamp is to reassure your children that there is no danger nearby, so that they can sleep peacefully. Thanks to a night lamp, you also prevent tripping or bumping into something when you drink water at night.


“It has been shown that children who have poor sleep habits and sleep less have poorer results in school. When they go to primary school, they sometimes even develop a language delay.”

Who is a night lamp intended for?

Age doesn’t matter that much for using a night lamp. Most of the night lights are aimed at children who are just going to sleep independently, in their own room. Under these circumstances, especially at the beginning, it can be a bit exciting alone in your room. Children look around in the dark and get a little scared. That is easy to solve with a night lamp.

Fear of the dark develops somewhere between the ages of 3 and 6, according to pediatric specialists. At this age, children often dream a lot, sometimes about monsters and other nightmares. That is the time that you as a parent would be wise to take a look at a night lamp. With a little effort, your children will be relaxed again. They learn to see the night as something innocent and trustworthy.

What are the advantages of night lamps?

For small users, night lights offer several advantages. In the first place, a night light gives them the sense of security they need. Sometimes they only need to see a light in the night to go back to sleep peacefully. Heavy users, the parents, also enjoy a night light as they can see their child while they are sleeping. For many parents, these are moments of happiness.

Some children get up at night to, for example, go to the bathroom. A night lamp then ensures that it can find its way and does not become afraid, because it sees nothing.

What color light is best for a night lamp?

Parents often wonder which light color is best from their child’s night lamp. In the Dutch market there are all kinds of night lamps of which you can adjust the color of the light it gives. In this way, as a user, you can find exactly the right color of light that you find best suited to that precise moment. Depending on the color of the light, it will have one effect or another.

It used to be believed that white or blue light are perfect for falling asleep, as these colors are said to have a calming effect. Since then, several studies have labeled this mindset as false. The conclusion of several studies is that red or orange light has the most calming effect. Maybe you don’t believe it, but it turns out they really are Klaas Peel’s favorite colors. Let the sleeping sand come.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing?

Choosing the best night lamp on the market is not an easy task, given the diversity of models out there. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the paragraphs below. They will guide you to a more confident purchasing decision. These are the things you should pay attention to when choosing one night lamp model or another.


Shape and design are the first considerations you’ll want to make when planning to buy a night lamp. There are classic models in the shape of an old-fashioned bulb, to add a light point to the room. This is not original, think of creative and original designs that will immediately grab the attention of your little one.

Bears, bunnies, dogs, you can imagine it, or there is a night lamp in this shape. Night lights in the form of clouds, strawberries, stars or even a unicorn are completely original. If you choose this option, you add a decorative element to the nursery. When choosing a night lamp for children, pay attention to the age and preferences of your child.