Types of Automation for Sliding Doors

Tired of getting out of your car only to have to open the sliding door? Then stop risking your safety and that of your family and resort to automating your door.

This is an excellent solution and will not only save you time, but bad times that may arise. Do you want to know what types of automation exist for sliding doors?


Sliding doors or industrial automatic doors are a type of door, as the name implies, that move horizontally in a certain place and parallel to where it is. These types of doors are made for multiple spaces in the house, among which the garden door and the garage door stand out.

What is the advantage of sliding doors? Simple! They are very useful to save space, since they do not take up too much space and do not bother those who live in the place, since they disappear as soon as they are opened. It is for this reason that it is widely used in garages.

It is easy to improve sliding doors with automation that makes it easier to open and close, since automation for garage doors can provide a series of advantages over conventional opening doors.

In particular, it is important to note that:

  • Sliding doors with automation are very easy to handle. This is an advantage, especially with large and heavy doors that can be damaging or tiring to open so many times.
  • The automatisms generate great comfort for the user, since they will not have to move from where they are to open the door that is necessary.
  • Of course, the fact of security is important, as there are many robberies in which criminals enter the house when the homeowner is trying to enter his home.
  • Finally, sunsets of this type are also said to isolate the cold and heat from the outside, so they will give you greater comfort.

In this way, you are probably convinced that automating your sliding door will be an excellent decision, since all these reasons will be more than important in the day to day when you use your sliding door.


As mentioned, the automation in sliding doors is a great advantage over the manual system. However, it is important to mention that there are different types of automation depending on the installation that your house has.

As for the classification, you can find on the one hand:

  • Tilting systems: In this system the opening occurs when the gate is raised towards the ceiling, by means of the traction exerted by the motor.
  • Sliding system: This is the system used to control when an exterior gate opens or closes. The operation involves the placement of a motor with a toothed gear at the bottom. This produces enough force to slide the gate. For this system it is necessary that the screen moves easily to the sides, especially to prevent the motor from using too much force and damaging it.

On the other hand, you can find another classification of types of automation:

  • Chain: This has a chain that transmits the force of the motor to raise or lower the garage door. This is one of the most common systems since it is the least expensive, however, it is important to clarify that it often produces noises that can become very annoying.
  • Screw: In this automation, a lifting device moves a bar made of steel along the path. To do this, this system is placed on the roof of the garage. The best thing about the screw automation is that its maintenance is minimal.
  • Computer: this system does not use screws or chains, but is placed directly on the gate. This reduces the footprint of the equipment, allowing it to be installed in small spaces.