Acoustic Panels in Offices

Who can concentrate in a noisy environment? And how unpleasant are those meetings in rooms where there is echo and reverberation!

This often causes discouragement and a bad atmosphere among colleagues.

Well, imagine that this can be solved without the need for work, without having to close the office for a minute.

Why is it important to improve acoustics in offices?

The benefits of working in a quiet environment are both on a personal and business level. Good acoustics in the office:

  • Reduces adrenaline levels by 30%. Noise naturally prepares us for alertness.
  • Improves motivation in tasks with 60%.
  • Boost performance during tasks that require concentration with up to 50%.
  • Improve mental arithmetic performance by 20%.

It really is one of the costs that most improves comfort and has the greatest impact on the well-being of the worker.

What are the acoustic problems in offices?

We find two types of problems with the acoustics of the workstations that make our day to day difficult.

Problem of lack of privacy between offices

The problem is usually that the conversations between the offices are heard and this is especially a problem in the meeting rooms. This is really a matter of acoustic insulation, that in its day the offices were not well executed, but like everything, it has a solution.

Increase the absorbent surface

Offices do not usually have much decoration, and meeting rooms even less, so there is usually an echo problem, or that the sound reverberates, is amplified. For this reason, if we put more absorbent surface on the walls and on the ceiling, we will achieve an attenuation of the sound, with which it will also be achieved that there is less sound that passes from one side to the other.

In this case we recommend putting decorative acoustic pictures.

Check the plenum

As can be seen in the diagram, the problem is that in their day they did not continue the partition to the ceiling, but left it halfway, so the sound passes quietly from one room to another.

This can be easily remedied by continuing the septum upward with plasterboard.

What happens is that it will not solve the problem of echo, or reverberation that the meeting room has.

Can you improve the acoustics of a working office?

Yes, no problem. In premises that are already in operation there are two types of roofs:

Removable roof

It is these square plate ceilings, in which the luminaires, air conditioning, and firefighting systems are integrated.

They are usually made of plaster, or metal, sometimes if lucky they are perforated, they have holes. What happens is that this is not enough, because imagine that only the surface of the holes is acoustic absorbent, that is, it is very little.

Now there are plates that are acoustic in themselves, that the entire surface is absorbent, and has a smooth white surface that goes unnoticed.

Changing the plates is very simple, it is only a matter of lifting plates and replacing them, so you can change from a normal ceiling to an acoustic ceiling without the need to do any work.

Brick or plaster ceiling

In restaurants, acoustic insulation regulations must be complied with, which is why the ceilings are normally made of plasterboard, plasterboard or plasterboard.

Here the most advisable thing is to install sound absorbing material to the ceiling, whether they are ceiling panels or wall panels or acoustic pictures.

With this we will achieve sound attenuation, with which we will have more acoustic comfort.