Selection Of Gaming Headphones

Very rarely, gaming sessions last a short time. In the vast majority of cases, we spend two to four hours per video game session, and during this time we want to get the maximum pleasure or just relax. But how can you do this if your headphones let you down every now and then, delivering various types of discomfort? And in order to understand exactly how to choose headphones, this material was created.
The first step is to identify the most common problems with headphones, from which we will continue to build on

  1. Build quality and materials
  2. headphone type
  3. The presence and quality of the microphone
  4. Maximum volume and sound quality
  5. Sound channel

Design features when choosing headphones

Build quality and materials play an important role in determining whether you will be comfortable with a particular headset. And in general, there are no secrets here. Try to avoid options that are made of cheap plastic. It’s almost a 100% fail. Plastic headphones can really be trusted.
However, still pay attention to what kind of quality it feels to the touch, how dense it is and how much it scratches. If, for example, there is no trace left of the nail, or if it remains, but minimal, which can be easily removed, then this means that the plastic is of high quality. Also, plastic, as a rule, is much more durable, and in terms of appearance it is discreet, because most often the soundcore liberty 3 pro black Friday headphones made from it are matte.
But don’t rely on material alone. It is necessary to pay no less attention to the build quality, namely, how and with what the parts of the headset are fastened, whether there are strong backlashes, gaps between the parts visible to the naked eye, and whether they creak at the slightest attempt to twist. If the option you chose did not meet these criteria, then with a high degree of probability they will not serve you for long.

Headphone type

Some mistakenly believe that headphones do not affect the enjoyment of the game at all, because “is there sound? That’s good!” Therefore, many people take in-ear or in-ear headphones. Streamers and YouTubers who play in this type of headphones are especially misleading about this. In fact, such options are simply not suitable for any self-respecting gamer who wants to relax, unwind, or simply enjoy their favorite game.
These types of headsets have, for the most part, extremely low sound insulation, as well as less high-quality and pronounced sound. Of course, in-ear options are able to provide slightly higher quality and sound insulation, but they still do not become good for games.
The most important problem that puts an end to them as gaming headsets is that your ears get tired extremely quickly in them. This fact will not allow you to spend long gaming sessions with pleasure, comfort and relaxation. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to full-size and overhead headphones.

     Availability and quality of the microphone

Of course, not every game will require a microphone. However, in the event that you want to play with friends, or sit down for a competitive project with the need for cooperation, then you will need a microphone. Therefore, when choosing a headset, pay attention to its type of attachment – it is fixed, movable or completely removable. The last two are the best options, because you can remove the microphone if you do not need it at the moment. Well, headsets with microphones in the wire should not even be considered at all.
Noise cancellation in the microphone is also an extremely important thing, and it’s simple with it. She is – good. It is not there – bad, but this is not a critical flaw. Also, you probably want the interlocutors to hear you clearly and without interference. Therefore, pay attention to the frequency range, the upper limit of which should be at least 14,000 Hz. Well, it would be nice to have a quick mute button on the headphones. In some cases, this is indeed very useful.

   Maximum volume and sound quality

Turning to the technical criteria, it is worth starting with the volume and sound quality. But how can you determine this before unpacking the headset? To do this, pay attention to the sensitivity, resistance, the presence of noise reduction, as well as the frequency range. Sensitivity is a parameter that directly affects the volume. For a high-quality headset, this indicator should be at least 90 dB.

Sound channel

In the case of this criterion, too, you should not bother too much. The most common is 5.1- and 7.1-channel audio. And there is nothing bad here, because each of them is extremely good. It’s just that 7.1-channel sound is slightly better, deeper and more voluminous than 5.1. However, these headphones are significantly more expensive. So do not be afraid to take 5.1-channel headsets – they are the most common, and they have gained this popularity for a reason

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