What are the advantages of pillow boxes and how you can work around them?

Pillow Boxes Wholesale – Pillow boxes are the most recent addition to the packaging industry. These boxes are made out of kraft paper, which ensures the highest levels of protection and endurance. The boxes can remain in perfect shape regardless of the weight that has been put inside them. Moreover, these boxes also have countless branding and promotion options available, which means placing the logo, slogan, and other printing is not an issue. Furthermore, the best part about them is that they are not harmful to the environment; subsequently, they are sustainable packaging solutions. 

Kraft paper is an increasingly popular packaging item material in the market. Following the increasing demand for this paper, custom pillow boxes wholesale have also become trendy. As time passes, trends in all industries and markets change. So was the situation in the case of packaging boxes and pillow boxes. People became more used to environment-friendly alternates, and materials such as kraft paper became more demanded in the market. The rapidly increasing demand for pillow boxes is a part of this revolution. Let’s discuss the key reasons these boxes moved up the ranks. 

Branding & Promotion via Pillow Boxes Wholesale:

Long-term sales and growth can be ensured through the branding of the product. To ensure that the customer recognizes the brand when s/he goes out to buy it next time, certain features on the packaging need to be ensured. However, not all packaging allows personalized printing to be done. Luckily, kraft paper pillow boxes are not one of them. They are brandable. Imprinting of logos, slogans, and usage of desired colours is a possibility in these boxes. 

With the usage of such features on these custom boxes, the long-term success of the company can be ensure. The consumer recognizes the brand as soon as they see the logo or punchline and choose to buy from it. Without these, it would be difficult for the company to sustain customers, and consequently, attaining long-term profits and sales is a possibility. 

Attracts Customers:

Sustaining customers is only possible when they would be attract in the very first place. With the usage of custom pillow boxes, this demanding task does not remain a problem anymore. Designing the bag in a way that maximum customers would divert their attention to it can be helpful in this matter. Using certain designs and colours can be beneficial in creating attractive pillow boxes wholesale.

Illustrations that look elegant and go hand in hand with the looks and feel of the product itself can be use. Similarly, colours that match the vibe of the wine must be use as they will help the spark attention of the customer. The printing quality also does matter for custom mailer boxes, and the usage of premium printing techniques such as raise ink can be use for attracting customers as they would perceive the wine as very high quality. 

Durability & Protected Pillow Boxes:

Kraft paper is well know for the uncanny durability and endurance that it provides. Pillow boxes may look and seem rather simple and delicate, but their durability is commendable. They are join together with strong adhesives; therefore, despite the weight that is put in them, they would not get de-shape. In the same way, they pledge to provide a degree of protection to the bottle inside.

Their panels are often double-coat and thick; therefore, the chances of the bottle getting scratch or crack by a little pressure or shock are minimize to a great extent. Often, nylon or rope handles are place on the top of the bag. The motive behind doing so is to ensure safe transit and carriage of the pillow boxes wholesale. Carrying them without the handles becomes quite difficult and threatening for the product. The ropes provide an opportunity to correctly and safely carry the expensive and exquisite bottles. 

Environment Friendly:

Sustainability of the environment and protection against polluting agents is a revolution that has evolved greatly over the past decade. Greater information spread due to the increased use of the internet, and globalization has largely been the reason behind this change. The capitalist world which takes advantage of every social change that takes place in the world did not act any differently in this scenario and began using environmentally friendly materials and methods in the production and packaging of their products. 

Pillow boxes wholesale are one example. They are make with kraft paper, which is a bio-degradable material. This means that it decomposes naturally, unlike plastic, which remains in the ecosystem for a very long time and keeps deteriorating the habitats of natural life. Moreover, they are also considere eco-friendly because of their recycling and reusability properties. They cannot just be re-use for shopping for other goods but can also be de-shape and opened for making other products, such as DIY crafts curtains


Using such boxes enhances the image of the company to a great extent. The company not just receives praise from individuals for their responsible behaviour but also from observation and pressure groups. In the best possible scenario, they may be applaud and encourage by the government in form of subsidies and other financial grants.

This not just improves the financial condition of the company but also helps in free marketing and promotion.  The final flourish of these boxes is their affordability point of view. A bulk quantity of these boxes can be attain at low prices from pillow boxes wholesale. So, when such use and value-adding packaging materials are available in the market and that too at a price this low, why not take advantage of business?

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