Linksys Range Extender Setup Via Web Interface

Having a WiFi range extender can resolve most of your issues. It is one of the best ways to enhance WiFi signals in your house or workstation. However, simply plugging in the Linksys range extender won’t work. That is why you first need to perform the Linksys range extender setup. There are multiple methods to setup the range extender.

This article gives you a proper guide on how to do Linksys range extender setup using a web interface. So, you should follow the steps mentioned below to get things right. After the setup is done, you can rest assured to have the best internet connection. Keep reading.

Steps to Do Linksys Range Extender Setup

Set Linksys Extender

First step revolves around unboxing the Linksys extender. Take it out of the box along with the antennas from the box. Further, you should make sure it is not damaged or broken. Any physical damage could result in errors or problems while doing the setup process.

You should keep the connecting cable, that is, Ethernet cable and power cable by your side. All these things will come in handy when you connect the extender with other devices.

Connect to the Router

Let’s connect your Linksys extender to the router. That will give your extender access to the internet. Hence, after the setup is complete, the extender will boost the current WiFi network. So, connect the extender and router by using the Ethernet cable.

In case your cable is damaged, you can use the wireless connection. However, to use the wireless connection, you should keep both the devices closer to each other.

Check Your Internet Connection

To do the Linksys range extender setup, you need a strong internet connection. Thus, you should check your internet connection. No matter which type of connection you are using, it should be tight. It eliminates any loss of signals from your end.

As far as the back end is concerned, get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Run a speed test to know whether you are getting the promised internet speed.

Prepare Your PC

Let’s prepare your computer or laptop for the extender setup process. Start with turning it on. Make sure the extender and the computer get consistent power supply. Therefore, while setting up your PC, you should ensure the power supply and the cable is working efficiently.

It eliminates all the risk of power fluctuations. Thus, with proper power to your computer, you can easily run the Linksys range extender setup process.

Open Web Browser

Once your computer is powered on, open a web browser on your computer. It could be a bit tricky for a beginner to choose the right web browser. So, make sure the chosen web browser is up to date. Apart from that, it must be compatible with the operating system of your computer or laptop.

In case you use the web browser for other things, you should clear its cookies and cache memory. That deletes the unwanted things stored on your web browser.

Access Official Web Address

To start the setup process, enter the official Linksys extender web address in your web browser. For that, you need to access the address bar of the chosen web browser. Enter each point with extreme care.

Make sure there are no errors or typing mistakes. Moreover, you should also keep grammatical errors in check.

Enter Login Details

Carefully enter your default login details into the prescribed space. After that, you should click on the Log In button. That will do the Linksys extender login without any hassle. In case you don’t know your login details, you should enter your default credentials.

Finalize Changes

Follow on-screen instructions to save the changes and completing the setup process. After that, you can connect to your extender WiFi network to access the internet.

Wrap Up

The above steps are there to assist you with the Linksys extender setup. You also need to login to Linksys router to have access to its dashboard. With that, you get access to both extender and router to have the best internet experience.