Know Your Water Purifier Completely

A Water Purifier is a machine that brings pure and healthy water irrespective of the source of water. So no matter your freshwater source, install a water purifier and get the best water for consumption. Drinking pure and clean water has become a necessity for human life because it keeps us healthy and improves our immune system. And a robust immune system protects you from the various kinds of various foreign invaders, so consider drinking clean and clear water all the time you wish to drink water.

What Does Water Purifier Do?

As discussed above, a water purifier removes the water contaminants present in the water, making it safe for human consumption. But, unfortunately, water is a natural solvent that can dissolve almost everything in it, which is why water becomes the home of various kinds of waterborne diseases.

A water purifier is based on various water purification systems that are potent to eliminate even a single molecule of water contaminant from the water. Still, different water purification technology has masters in eliminating specific types of water impurities such as an RO water purifier eliminates TDS from the water. In contrast, a UV water purifier eliminates microbial contamination and makes water suitable for drinking purposes.

Types Of Water Purifier

A water purifier is of various types below we have listed some crucial forms of water purifier so let’s discuss them one by one

#1. RO water purifier

This form of water purifier is based on reverse osmosis technology. A RO technology-based water purifier contains a semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable contains several tiny pores that allow water to pass through it by blocking the passage of tiny molecules present in the water.

This water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water impurities, but it is perfect for that area where the TDS of the water is high. An RO-based water purifier eliminates up to 98% of TDS from the water and makes water tasty and odor-free.

#2. UV Water Purifier

This water purifier is based on ultra-violate rays, which are used to eliminate microbial contamination from the water. A UV ray has high penetration power, which crosses the barrier of the microbial cell and destroys their DNA; as a result, the microbes lose their ability to reproduce or lose their life.

A UV technology-based water purifier is only suitable for those areas where the microbial contamination is high compared to the TDS contamination because a UV water purifier doesn’t eliminate the TDS.

#3. UF Water Purifier

UF, i.e., Ultra-filtration technology only eliminates microbial to TDS contamination present in the water. A UF technology-based water purifier contains a selective membrane and doesn’t allow molecules to pass through it except water molecules. The membrane has several tiny pores which prevent contamination from passing through it.

A UF technology is the same as RO technology is working, but both have a significant difference, and that is nothing but the pores present in the membrane used in the UF water purifier have slightly higher pore size as compare to the membrane used in the RO water purifier.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Water Purifier?

Now it is pretty clear that a water purifier eliminates the contamination present in the water. No, let’s discuss other advantages of having a water purifier at home

  • Protect From Waterborne Diseases– A water purifier eliminates even single molecules of contaminants from the water. Water having less or no contamination is considered safe for consumption; thus, it protects us from waterborne diseases
  • Eliminates Unpleasant Odor From Water– pure water is odorless, but water impurities lead to the unpleasant odor, but regular water treatments eliminate the contamination; thus, it results in odorless water
  • Improve Immune System– Water containing impurities leads to health issues and disturbs the immune system. Drinking pure and healthy water improves people’s immune system making the immune system strong and protecting people from various kinds of water impurities.

How To Choose Best Water Purifier For Home?

This is a little tricky work, and people need to be careful while selecting the best and reliable water purifier system from their house. However, the best way is to contact the nearest RO service provider, but there are a few things, and considering those factors may help you get the best water purifier for your home. Let’s discuss some crucial points for getting a good water purifier

  • Before you make the final payment for the water purifier must check the technology used in the water purifier
  • Check the brand of the water purifier; a trusted water purifier brand ensure that the spare parts used in the water purifier are of good quality
  • Water purifier capacity also plays an important role to get pure water all the time you wish to drink water, so you must look for the storage capacity of the water purifier
  • Post-sale service is something that makes the water purifier deal better, so ask your water purifier distributor regarding post-sales services
  • Budget plays an essential role, so fix your budget and then only try to find out the best and reliable water purifier under your budget