Jogger Pants – The Clothing Item on Our Comfort Shelves

Unless you have been hiding far away from civilization for the last five years, you have most likely seen that casual clothing, as far as we know it and see it, has gone through a massive change on a large scale. The tailoring has become more relaxed, and the dress codes have become obscured. Joggers are one of the most basic items driving the charge during this important time in the fashion revolution, and as stylists and trendsetters keep on exploring different avenues regarding them, they are turning out to be perpetually imbued into an everyday person’s closet. The mix of a blazer, joggers, and dress shoes was just recently a style that was held solely for older people (particularly men) who sit on park seats, drinking cans and yelling at pigeons. Nowadays, however, we are just as prone to see a similar look on both men and women, at the front row of a fashion week – but styled with a touch more panache.

Recalling the History of the Classic Jogger Pants

In all honesty, running as a type of voluntary exercise began in Ancient Greece, however, it spread after the modern Olympic games were introduced once again in 1896 and spread further after the running boom of the 1970s. However, following almost ten years of training in ungraceful clothing, it was obvious that something was expected to change, and for one Frenchman, it was clear.

Émile Camuset was not simply any Frenchman; he was the Frenchman who established the widely acclaimed sportswear label Le Coq Sportif – which means “the athletic rooster” – and justifiably, he had to undergo a sufficient amount of working and sweating his way around the track in whatever bulky legwear men were wearing at that point. After a few trials and errors with textures and cuts, the classic jersey jogger we all know and love was created. In any case, while joggers were made with a firm reason in mind, today they are much more than that. Similarly as was the case with dress pants and jeans before joggers came into existence, there are now many styles and shapes to think about.

What are jogger pants and where can you find the best ones?

Joggers were initially expected to be worn for workouts and exercise, however, like countless other pieces from the athleisure trend, the mainstream fashion has caught on and the joggers can now be worn for various events. When it comes to styling, if you want a casual and comfortable look, you can pair a sweatshirt with your joggers. It would be ideal if the sweatshirt is a different color than the joggers and, is also tailored to fit so that your overall look does not appear sloppy. Pair it up with some sneakers for that street-ready look. For a smarter look, add a polo shirt and some dress shoes and you will be good to go.

Final Thoughts

As a rule, joggers are customary sports pants that are comfortable, lightweight, and have an athletic appearance. At Bandana, you can find a wide range of mens jogger pants in all styles and fabrics, from breathable to water repellant. The joggers are perfectly tailored to be wide at the top and tighten down the leg, becoming fitted at the ankle. Most joggers have either a drawstring waistband or an elasticized waistband, and the ankles are also kept near the body using elastic as well. While joggers initially started as a type of sweatpants, today, they are made from a wide range of materials and come in different fits and styles that are more modern, tailored, and sophisticated.