Instructions to Choose the Best Tea

Tea is the second most drunk drink on the planet, just the following water. It has been developed, collected, and consumed for millennia, with many pieces of the globe fostering their unmistakable assortments and best tea culture—North of 3,000 mixes accessible with more flavors being cultivated each day. It might appear to be overpowering to pick one with so many to browse. So let us help!

Picking a tea to drink is very much like choosing an entrée off the menu! Consider flavors or components that you like, then, at that point, observe the teas that compare. For instance, if you partake in the taste of organic products, you should attempt our Pineapple Herbal Tea. Save 30% Discount using the Art of Tea Coupon Code while purchasing.

Juiced Best Tea

For those that appreciate more botanical aromas and flavors, then, at that point, our Organic Kyoto CherryRose Green Tea is a brilliant decision. It’s simply simple! Our chocolate Cappuccino or Almond Biscotti would make a significant change for espresso sweethearts who need to evaluate Tea interestingly.

Here we’ve drilled down a portion of our suggestions in light of the sort of Tea you might be keen on.

Dark Best Tea

Dark Tea is the Tea that the United States is generally acquainted with. It is the most energized Tea and is known for its robust, full-bodied flavor. It has about a large portion of the caffeine of some espresso, which makes it an incredible morning refreshment or an extraordinary jolt of energy after those long workdays. 

Our Organic English Breakfast, House Ceylon, or Organic Earl Gray would be recognizable dark teas. The people who appreciate espresso-like or nutty flavors would like the chocolate Cappuccino or Almond Biscotti; both taste delectable with a bit of milk and sugar added! Natural product darlings should attempt famous Cranberry-Pomegranate or Peach Apricot. For a more hot severe flavor, try the Organic Masala Chai.

Green Best Tea

Instructions to Choose the Best Tea

Green Tea is the most famous sort of Tea in Asia. It is known for its rich and natural flavor and its reviving clean completion. It has around one-fourth of how much caffeine as espresso. Green Tea additionally has various medical advantages and is wealthy in cell reinforcements. 

For those needing a recognizable green tea, the Organic Jasmine Green orGenmaicha would be the most satisfying to the range. Our top-selling Long Island Strawberry and Blue Mango offer all the medical advantages of green Tea with tasty traces of fruity flavors for seasoned green teas! Eager green tea sweethearts partake in the Organic Sencha or dragon well.

Best Tea White 

White Tea is the most extraordinary and least handled of the relative multitude of teas. The creation is native to a bit of North Fujian, China. White Tea is known for its gentle, fragile taste and intricacy in flavors and its cooling and detoxifying properties. White Tea contains minimal caffeine and has the most cell reinforcements. Our famous Organic Peach White implants the flavor of white Tea with the unobtrusive kinds of peach. The people who partake in the taste of Jasmine blossoms yet want less caffeine would experience in our Jasmine Silver Needle.

Oolong Best Tea

Oolong Tea is known for its layers of rich, full-bodied flavors and smells. The taste is perplexing, yet the completion is smooth, making it ideal for new tea consumers who may not utilize the solid taste of different teas. 

Attempt our Tae Guan Yin (Snow Pear) for a more traditional oolong tea, a renowned oolong tea known for its gritty yet inconspicuous sweet flavor. Our top-selling Coconut Oolong is rich, smooth, and delectable as chilled Tea or milk. Lord Gray sweethearts will cherish the Earl of Oolong, which has the natural flavor profile of bergamot yet minimal astringency.

Puerh Tea

Puerh has been cherished as a critical piece of everyday well-being for quite some time. Known as a “diet” tea, Puerh disperses oil and poisons and typically drinks after a huge dinner. The flavors are natural and woodsy with a smooth completion. 

Our Blood Orange Puerh is our most famous Puerh Tea ideal for individuals who appreciate solid fruity flavors. Likewise, milk and sugar can add a more prosperous, chocolate-like taste. Another famous Puerh is Vanilla Mint Puerh.


Natural (Tisanes)

Natural Teas or Tisanes are produced using botanicals, spices, organic products, and blossoms. Tisanes are caffeine and calorie-free, ideal for a loosening-up drink just before sleep time or for the people who are caffeine touchy. Tea consumers who appreciate fruity flavors would adore our Mango Splash or Fruit Fusion tea. 

The flavors are solid and adjusted without the astringency of different teas. Those drinking for medical advantages can attempt our Organic Echinacea to support your invulnerable framework or Chamomile to assist you with nodding off. Chrysanthemum is a highly famous spice that likewise has unique detoxifying properties.

Rooibos (Red)

Rooibos Tea, otherwise called “Red Bush Tea,” is a spice extraordinarily filled in the South African Cedarberg Mountains that is typically caffeine and sans calorie. This Tea is plentiful in numerous fundamental nutrients and minerals and contains strong cell reinforcements. 

It is said to soothe migraines, upset rest designs, light discouragement, and hypertension. Blueberry Rooibos or Jamaican Red are both refreshing and loaded with flavor for a more excellent fruity mix. Espresso consumers will appreciate Bourbon Street Vanilla or Creamy Caramel, with recognizable flavors with practically no caffeine!


Mate a Herbal tea that usually contains caffeine at long last. Very well known in Latin America for its vital energy and hearty nutrient, mineral, and cancer prevention agent content. The taste is exceptionally unmistakable and can be depicted as strong in flavor. A housetop choice at The Loose Teas is Tiramisu, an excellent treat tea with traces of espresso.

Best Signature Blends Tea

Secret Garden is one of our top-of-the-line Tea and has fruity and floral flavors. Our tea experts make our Signature Blends to amplify the medical advantages of the assortment of teas and spices accessible. A most loved tea is the Immune Booster throughout the colder time of year, which is extraordinary for fighting influenza season.

For a more inside and out prologue to Tea, go ahead and drop by our store in Monrovia! We have every one of our teas accessible to see, smell, and test. We’ll gladly help.