Get Double Door Fridge at Affordable Price on Lowest EMI

Refrigerators are employed when storing food and other edible products that are perishable and can decay if not kept at low temperatures to avoid or slow down bacterial activities. In addition to all of these advantages, the refrigerator also delivers the cold water to quench your thirst when you need it. The temperature inside the fridge is kept at -18 degrees Celsius, which is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the hectic pace of modern life, people are exhausted at the end of each day, and they want to eat nutritious food that is readily available and sleep well at night. 

Keeping in mind their busy schedules and good eating habits, a refrigerator may be quite beneficial by storing fruits, vegetables, milk, and other nutritious beverages that are readily available at any time. In India, there was a time when refrigerators were considered a luxury item only for the wealthy. Still, today this equipment has become a necessity, and your kitchen would be completed without it. It has evolved into a very economical household appliance.

Whether you’re a bachelor or have a family of four, the latest double-door refrigerator should be an ideal fit. However, the best feature of double-door refrigerators is their affordability; they feature larger shelves, frost-free technology, and a large capacity, enabling you to store all of your food and other consumables efficiently.

Listed below are some of the best double door fridges available at affordable price on easy and lowest EMI option in India

Samsung double door refrigerator

This Samsung Double Door Refrigerator guards against spoilage of frozen food during power outages with its Cool Pack, which can keep food frozen at temperatures below 0°C for up to 12 hours. Equipped with a Power Cool function, it enables you to quickly and efficiently cool the fridge by forcing intensely cold air into it at the touch of a button. 

The appliance incorporates a deodorizer to maintain the natural flavors of your food. It aids in the elimination of foul odors! It includes a Fresh Room compartment for storing vegetables and dairy products for extended freshness. Samsung double door fridge price starts from Rs 24890.

Godrej double door refrigerator

If you’ve always desired additional storage space, the Godrej Double Door Refrigerator is ideal for you! With 2.25 liters of aqua space, you can conveniently store your juices, water, and aerated drinks without squeezing for space. A jumbo vegetable tray provides ample space for all of your vegetables. The appliance uses an antibacterial gasket and silver ions to keep your food germ-free and fresh. 

Each shelf on the Godrej Double Door Refrigerator is made of toughened glass that can withstand weights of up to 150 kilograms. Additionally, it prevents ice accumulation due to its advanced auto-defrost function. Apart from these features, the appliance features a large freezer compartment and even cooling. Godrej double door fridge price start from Rs 19490.

Whirlpool double door refrigerator

Thanks to its Zeolite technology, Microblock technology, and freshflow airtower with Flexi Vents, the Best whirlpool refrigerator model provides up to 15 days of garden freshness. The Zeolite technology retards the ripening of fruits and vegetables, while the Microblock technology inhibits up to 99 percent of bacterial growth, extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

 These are complemented by the scientifically engineered fresh flow airtower, which regulates cooling uniformly. The Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator has three intellisensors that analyze the load, weather, and usage pattern to ensure optimal cooling. The appliance can maintain balanced air and optimal freshness with a moisture-locking vegetable crisper. Whirlpool double door fridge price starts from Rs 22740. If you are planning to purchase a top-selling whirlpool refrigerator then do visit EMI Store for better deals.

LG double door refrigerator

The LG Double Door Refrigerator features an innovative lattice-pattern moist balance crisper that contributes to the refrigerator’s optimal moisture levels. The appliance’s multiple air vents distribute cool air evenly throughout the fridge, ensuring uniform cooling. The refrigerator’s humidity control and auto-defrost function help prevent ice build-up. 

This also eliminates the need for manual defrosting. The LG Double Door Refrigerator, powered by a smart inverter compressor, produces less noise and consumes less energy, paving the way for longevity and energy efficiency. LG double door fridge price starts from Rs 23490.

Haier double door refrigerator

The Haier Double Door Refrigerator features a sleek and aesthetic design that instantly transforms your kitchen into a modern and luxurious space. Using Twin Inverter Technology, the refrigerator’s compressor and fan operate at varying speeds depending on the load, ensuring that the appliance does not significantly increase your power bills. The refrigerator’s thicker PUF insulation allows it to retain lower temperatures more efficiently for improved cooling. Haier double door fridge price starts from Rs 23790.