How To Stay Active: Tips For International Students 

Staying active throughout the day is very important for international students due to their busy schedules. They have so many tasks on the list and a lazy attitude is going to get them in the trap of chaos at a point in time. It is important for them to stay active so that they can have sufficient energy to manage their tasks daily. 

In this article, we have defined some tips that can help international students learn some excellent tips to stay active. So, if you are feeling dull and not ready to work, then read this article to learn some best tips to stay active in order to complete all your tasks on time. 

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International students can stay active with the help of the following pointers:

Read the following pointers and learn the best tops to stay active during your stay abroad. 

11-minutes walk a day 

An 11-minute walk a day can help you stay fit and active throughout the day and this is very important for your health as well. If you are feeling inactive then, practice brisk walking for 11-minute and then, you will feel active in doing your work. 

Also, as an international student, you will have to travel abroad and you can use walking to cover short distances. 

A healthy breakfast 

Many Indians are habitual of missing out on breakfast as they just want to reach their office and school ASAP. This makes them feel tired and lazy as food gives us the energy to work hard. If you keep avoiding the importance of a healthy diet, you will drift into the inundation of diseases, and apart from your physical health, a bad diet can also impact your mental health negatively. 

Thus, it is imperative to get time to cook a healthy diet and avoid packaged food as well. 

Connect with friends 

We hesitate to share our problems with our family members as we don’t want to bother them with our problems. But friends are the best buddies with whom you can share every single story. Therefore, find some trustworthy people and if you are a good person, you will definitely have someone around you who can give value to your time, and connect with you. Believe us, sharing your problems with such a person will surely help you overcome problems and make the right decisions. 

Eventually, when you find someone with whom you can share your problems, you will be able to convert your pain into words and reduce it and this will help you a lot in staying focused on work. 

Hydrate yourself 

Hydrating yourself is the best and cheapest tip to stay active and do all your activities with focus. Hydrating yourself fulfills the oxygen deficiency in your body and makes you feel active. Hence, make sure to hydrate yourself at regular intervals. 

Make sure that your water bottle is clean and wash it with a dishwasher after every two days. Water in the bottle that stinks will prevent you from drinking the water. Therefore, make sure that your water bottle is clean. 


Many international students due to their rigorous schedule often start to rush things and this deprives them of mental peace. For such students, it is important to stick to regular meditation as this is the food of mind that will help you feel calm and focused on the tasks that you are doing. 

The basic purpose of meditation should be to develop mindfulness and stop your mind from overthinking negative thoughts. If meditation is not helping you bring your attention from overthinking the negative thoughts to positive thoughts that boost your strength and peace of mind, you are practicing the meditation in the wrong way.

For the perfect practice of mediation, you can also listen to Giani Sant Singh ji Maskeen ji video on YouTube. 

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These are the tips that can help international students feel active and fulfill all their responsibilities on time. Also, for half an hour daily, practice genuine self-talk to know if you are moving in the right direction or not.