Challenges For The Foreign Student While Studying Abroad

Challenges of an international student studying abroadStudying abroad is a life-changing opportunity for international students. This opportunity brings many benefits to international students. Like quality education, career development, high standard of living, etc. In addition, international students have to face many challenges while studying abroad. 

In this article, we highlight the problems that international students face while studying abroad. However, if you have any questions about the study visa process in your desired country. 

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Challenges for the foreign student while Studying abroad

Here are some challenges that international students face while studying abroad:

Financial barriers

Although students have GIC to help them manage their living costs while studying abroad. However, international students have to face financial challenges while studying abroad. All this happens because they don’t send their money wisely. Instead, they waste their money on unnecessary things. For instance, they immediately buy an iPhone and a car when they when they arrive abroad. However, to survive such a situation, students must prepare a budget plan. When they make a budget, they have to consider all the important things. Like daily transport chargers, tuition fees, food bills, etc. 

Therefore, they should keep their budget and avoid spending money on unnecessary things. To manage their living expenses, they can also work part-time. 

Inappropriate atmosphere

Buying an apartment in a foreign country is quite difficult and expensive for foreign students. That is why a basement or room is bought for rent. Plus they share it with their friends so they can pay the rent. Sharing their space with others is quite difficult for them because they have to sacrifice their privacy. Moreover, sharing a room with others also affects their researchers because they do not get a peaceful place. 

Therefore, it is difficult for them to find a place to focus on their studies. In other words, foreign students have to adapt to an unsuitable environment while studying abroad. For this, they need to go to the library to study. Thus, with this, they get a sufficient environment for learning and concentration without communication. 


Leaving family and friends and moving to another country is quite difficult for international students. Especially in the first weeks, they constantly miss their family. This feeling leads to homesickness. Because of this, they feel lonely and avoid going out and interacting with others. In other words, we can say that they isolate themselves. You need to talk to your friends and family to solve this problem. This way they feel connected to friends and family at home. They also need to go out to meet new people and make friends. Their friends help them feel comfortable and fit in there.

Language problems

Another problem for foreign students when studying abroad is the language barrier. Moreover, the language spoken in a foreign country is different from the language spoken in the foreign students’ home country. However, students take an English test before moving abroad. But learning a language and living a language are completely different things. Studying abroad, they must live in the language. Moreover, they have to communicate with their friends, locals, and their professors in English language only. Sometimes, due to poor English language skills, they hesitate to communicate with others in the English language. Additionally, they can not be able to share their ideas and communicate with others in a language with which they are familiar. As a result, they also do not ask their professor about their academic grades which leads to poor academic grades. 

Therefore, a foreign student should improve their English language skills before moving abroad. They should join language courses and practice speaking English. This way they can overcome the language barrier when studying abroad.

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In conclusion, a foreign student has to face the above-mentioned problems during a study trip abroad. Therefore, they must be mentally and physically prepared to deal with all these issues before moving abroad.