How to select the processing plant for stamping parts?

At present, there is still a significant gap between the technologies of different metal stamping manufacturers. First, we need to know whether they have advanced precision processing instruments and professional technicians, and whether their production cycle, stamping production efficiency, production accuracy and service life are ahead of similar industries.

The high-end precision metal stamping factory has introduced relatively advanced metal stamping processing equipment, which can make the processing of each type of stamping more precise and reliable. Now the manufacturing industry is mixed, and there are a lot of stamping parts manufacturers. How to choose a manufacturer to process metal stamping parts? With the convenience of Internet information, you can first collect information on computers or mobile phones, such as manufacturer’s scale, technical strength, equipment, stamping quality, reputation, etc., and then select the appropriate manufacturer for inquiry after comparison.

See the number of devices

The number of equipment should be more and new. The scale of a single equipment should be more than a dozen, such as a press, from 30 tons to 300 tons. More presses show that they can cope with more product quantities and types, and can mass produce a large number of products in a shorter time. There will also be a more systematic team monitoring the quality assurance management of customized metal stampings. Therefore, suppliers with a certain number of equipment should be selected. Also, the equipment is new and old. The parameter accuracy measured by the new equipment plan is generally more reliable than that of the old equipment, resulting in smaller errors. The quality inspection equipment is new and old to help the quality control team adjust the product quality in a wide range.

Check the number of quality control personnel and the frequency of product testing

Each process in the processing and production of metal stamping parts shall be equipped with specific quality control personnel for real-time monitoring to eliminate quality problems from the source of processing. There is also the frequency of detection, especially when using high-speed continuous stamping die for production, pay attention to. You can also see whether there are automatic detection equipment, which is more efficient, cost saving and results more accurate.

Look at the technical strength

How much product manufacturing accuracy can be achieved depends on whether the technical team has rich experience, whether the number is sufficient, and whether it can meet our technical requirements. Take a look at the degree of automation and whether we can mass produce stable and consistent products in a short time. For example, Tenral is a good stamping parts supplier, and its technical strength is also dominant internationally.

Final Thoughts

We all know that the metal stamping process is very helpful to improve the quality level of products required by customers. In recent years, the overall technical level of precision stamping die has been improved rapidly, and the performance indicators such as the technical level, manufacturing accuracy, service life and manufacturing cycle of the die have made great progress. At present, some manufacturers have more and more requirements for the processing of metal stamping factory, and the demand for the processing accuracy of metal products is also increasing. Therefore, the metal stamping factory also faces a great challenge.