How To Paint Outdoor Structures The Right Way?

We’re living in a modern world where home exteriors are equally important as the interiors for adding an element of attractiveness to the whole property. Besides, the exterior is something that accounts for the elegant charm of the property and thus, should be decorated just like the interior.

Speaking of exterior decor, you can place many outdoor structures like sheds, gazebos, cabins, and pergolas to make your outdoor space beautiful as well as practically useful. Also, you can buy customized furniture items from a furniture store like Design Furniture and place them in open-plan outdoor spaces like lawns, gardens, decks, and patios for adding to the beauty of your home exterior.

The outdoor structures are placed in the sun and therefore have to endure rain, wind, and other extreme weather conditions around the year. All these factors can add up to make the gleaming appearance of these outdoor structures disappear. However, painting these structures regularly can counter the effect of extreme weather, thus preserving the appearance of these structures.

The Best Way To Paint Furniture Structures Placed In The Outdoors

Painting will not only improve and preserve the beautiful looks of your outdoor structures but will also add to the lifespan of these home exterior elements. If you’re finding the right method to paint your outdoor structures, then https://designfurniture.ae will explain you the best way to do so.

1. Choose The Type Of Paint To Be Used

There are many types of paint used for painting exterior home structures and the best of these types include acrylic, enamel, latex, and oil-based paints. Apart from the choice of the type of paint, you’ll need to carefully look for the quality of the paint material.

It goes without saying that you should select the best quality paint material for painting your outdoor structures to make the paint job last longer. Also, the quantity of paint to be bought should be considered precisely and depends upon whether you want to paint a single coat or a double coat on the outdoor structures.

As a pro tip, you should paint a double coat for the best, long-lasting results. Also, don’t forget to buy safety tools required for a DIY paint job such as an apron, gloves, etc.

2. Prepare The Outdoor Structures For Painting

Now that you’ve bought all the essentials for painting the outdoor structures, you must be thinking it’s time to start painting, right? However, that’s not the case because you’ve to take a lot of other important things into account and the first in the line is the preparation of the outdoor structures.

Preparation means looking at any damage or irregularity in the structure and repairing that concerned part. For instance, you can use caulk to fill the ridges, holes, or any other type of damage to the structure’s surface. Also, many types of pasting materials can be applied to repair the damages. Once repaired, wait for the damaged part to dry completely.

3. Wash & Scrape Off The Previous Paint

It’s time that you should clean and wash the structure for removing any surface debris, grime, or dust. After that, wait for the structure to dry in the sun. Then, start scraping off the previous paint material from the surface.

This process of scraping and sanding the structure will require you to be extremely careful and cautious to avoid any further damage to the structure. For ease and comfort, you can take an object with a blunt edge to peel off the paint. Or, you can also use denatured alcohol or acetone to perform this task more efficiently.

4. Put On A Coating Of Primer

This step is necessary because it ensures better paint adhesion to the surface. For a quick idea, primer or undercoat is a type of preparatory coating that is applied before actually painting the structure. Not to mention that the types of primers vary according to the type of wooden structure.

Adding to that, acrylic primers can be termed versatile because they can be applied to many types of wooden structures. However, oil-based coatings are a must for cedar and redwood outdoor structures. Simply put, coating a primer will increase paint durability and also provide additional protection to the material being painted.

5. Start Painting The Structure

After all the preparation, the time has come to start painting the wooden outdoor structure. You need to consider all the precautionary measures before the paint application. For this purpose, you will have two options, namely painting with a brush and applying spray paint.

Both these options have their own merits and demerits, so you should select the one that suits you the most. For spraying, you’ll need to mask everything that can get hit with overspray. In the case of painting, you’ll need to look for the damage due to drips and splashes. Coming towards the pattern of the painting, you should always begin from the top part and move downwards, so as to address every spot with efficacy. 

And, don’t forget that you should try painting the outdoor structure in the shade or effect of clouds because high temperature can dry the paint thus interfering with adhesion and curing. Besides, this could also make the shiny gloss appearance of the painted structure fade away within minutes, in some worst cases.

Often, people paint a double coat for added protection and longevity of the paint job. If that’s the case with you, then you must wait for the previous coating to dry completely which can take one day or a few days depending upon the weather conditions.

In A Nutshell

No doubt, painting is the best way to preserve outdoor structures like sheds, gazebos, cabins, pergolas, etc. In this article, we’ve described a step-by-step method to paint outdoor structures the right way. Adding to that, you need to choose the type and quantity of paint to be used and also repair any damaged part of the structure prior to painting. Besides, cleaning and washing the wooden structure is a must. After that, you should put on a coat of primer, let it dry completely, and start painting the structure.