Facial Recognition Technology – Safe And Reliable AI-Powered System For Businesses

When it comes to digital verification and biometric identification services, online face verification is a far less explored sector. Face recognition technology offers tremendous prospects for organizations that wish to assure transparency on their online resources. Thanks to technologies like anti-facial spoofing and liveness detection. There is a variety of facial recognition software on the market that promises to function flawlessly in both onsite and offshore verification processes. A face recognition system, in combination with document verification, provides a credible identity verification solution for enterprises and companies. They are tired of getting duped through facial spoofing assaults and online identity theft crimes.

2024: The Facial Verification Market has a Prediction to Grow at a 12.5% Annual Rate.

The facial biometrics industry predicts that it will grow at a 12.5 percent annual growth rate from 2019 to 2024. Facial recognition technology is rapidly catching up with fingerprint scans and will soon exceed them. Currently, fingerprint sensors are available in roughly 94 percent of smartphones. But this number has a prediction to shrink to 90 percent in 2023.

Increases in the market for 3D cameras are projected to lead to breakthroughs and new uses for 3D facial imaging.

Facial recognition technology improves improve safety and security used for massive mass monitoring. Another reason for the rising market for facial recognition is because of this. State initiatives are also helping to drive this technology’s double-digit growth.

Client face verification has a prediction to have the biggest market share in North America, as it provides enormous prospects for national security and criminal proceedings. The FBI is in charge of North America’s largest facial recognition system. Face recognition technology by Shufti Pro services is essential to give a higher level of security as a result of these considerations.

Liveness Detection 

It is the first line of defense against visual spoofing attacks, with many checks in place to ensure that a person is physically present when the verification is performed. Color textures are evaluated, and facial photographs for Photoshop elements are examined.

Blinking of the Eyes 

A user attempting to bypass a facial recognition process is frequently evaluated against intrinsic face movement. It is obvious that such facial verification is carried out using a video stream, with real-time guidelines given to the end-user.

Techniques for 3D Sensing

These methods have a depth mapping algorithm with data-method approaches to provide a more precise evaluation of a facial image submitted for verification. These methods are more effective at distinguishing between two-dimensional and three-dimensional images.

Texture Verification

This online facial recognition technology is reasonable for scrutinizing portions of a face image. It examines each component for face patterns that distinguish a genuine from a doctored image.

What is the Future of Facial Verification in the Digital World?

Facial recognition technology is the most effective way to register a completely genuine and trustworthy customer base without having to worry about cyber criminals or frequent cashback claims. For both online and offline businesses, there are numerous advantages to employing a facial recognition system.

  • Embrace Technological Progress

When businesses quickly adopt new generation technology not only for better service delivery but also for enhanced client pleasure, it is always a lovely gesture. Facial recognition is especially important for internet firms to improve service standards because most of their competitors are considering implementing it for improved online transparency. 

  • No Need for Additional Hardware

Online facial recognition, unlike traditional biometric verification systems (iris scans and fingerprint scans), does not require any additional gear. These days, smartphones and laptops come equipped with powerful cameras, obviating the need for specialist hardware to do facial recognition.

  • Integrate Easily

Shufti Pro solutions by Its CEO Victor Fredung feature a RestFul API and SDKs for both iPhone and Android platforms to allow customers to simply connect their facial recognition technology with Shufti Pro. During the integration process, not a single moment is free in downtime and this is all thanks to CEO Shahid Hanif. Shufti Pro’s online facial recognition software integrates seamlessly with third-party software, mobile apps, and web portals.


 Wrapping it Up 

For the corporate sector, especially for organizations with a digital footprint, online transparency is a must. It allows businesses to connect with their consumers on a more personal level while also lowering the possibility of users registering with forged credentials. Online facial recognition software makes internal control and identity theft protection easier.

Shufti Pro should be your first choice when looking for an online facial recognition system because it is simple to set up, employs AI Technology to protect against facial spoofing assaults, and provides consumers with real-time verification results.