Exploring Japan’s Hidden Gems: Nikko’s Historic Shrines to Tokyo’s Natural Wonders

Are you thinking about a trip to Japan with your kids? Japan is a fascinating, secure, and extremely rewarding destination to travel and visit. In case you have yet to see it, we love Japan. Really, truly, I love Japan. Japan is a place that is loved in a variety of ways. Modern day life blends effortlessly with old traditions that the society and routines seem to be normal as it. It’s timeless. And gorgeous.

Explore the article, and you’ll fall in love with Japan as well. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Japan with kids, and all sorts of things to do and unique activities to do that are only available to experience in Japan!

Japan travel offers an unforgettable blend of history, culture, and natural beauty for travelers of all ages. From Nikko Tosho-gu to Tokyo’s bustling streets with iconic Shibuya Crossing and Harajuku district – each trip to Japan promises something different! Whether chasing autumn hues or exploring modern wonders such as Tokyo offers unforgettable adventures that await!


Nikko is a charming tiny city located in the Tochigi Prefacture situated in the mountains to the north of Tokyo. The most well-known landmark within Nikko is the famous Shinto shrine, Tosho-gu. That is the case unless you are interested in the most famous sight in Nikko while traveling with children. It would be the breathtaking Edo Ninja Wonderland!

In spite of Ninja’s plight, the city of Nikko is a stunning place that you can visit while in Japan.

Things to do in Nikko

Visit the renowned Nikko Tosho-gu 

A premier world heritage site, and one of the best preserved Shinto shrines found in Japan.

Chase waterfalls at Nikko National Park

Some trails seem to be awe-inspiring, running across forests, along rivers, and across charming streams. The park is famous for its hints of jade and deep reds in the autumn.

Enjoy the gorgeous Shinkyo Bridge

Built in 1636, this bridge marks the main entrance into the complex of shrines. Even if you’re not planning to spend the money, a stroll across the bridge is worth stopping for a picture!

Visit The Rinno-ji Temple and Jizo Statues 

Nearby is Tosho-gu The Rinno-ji Temple is another beautiful world heritage location located in Nikko.


The attractions in Tokyo are scattered across the city, but fortunately Tokyo has an amazing metro system which makes it easily accessible and simple. (Even traveling around Japan with children as novice New Zealanders! ).

And Tokyo is the home of two theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland along with Disney Sea if you have the time and desire to visit one of the parks.

Things to do in Tokyo

Cross Shibuya crossing 

Shibuya is known as the busiest crossing in the world. Shibuyu crossing must be seen, to believe it!

Visit Harajuku. 

It is everything you can think of in contemporary Japan, featuring neon lighting, eccentric Japanese pop culture, and street style. The Meiji-jingu shrine is a must in Harajuku as well.

Try Karaoke

You could go to the famous Karaoke rooms that are scattered throughout Tokyo and try your hand at it! The cost is around 300 JPY for one hour. If you have the chance, try Karaoke. When in Rome…

Visit Senso-ji, a temple in Asakusa 

The Asakusa area is a bustling pedestrian street with market lines Nakamise-dori that lead to the magnificent Temple of Senso-ji. It is the earliest shrine in Tokyo and also one of the most visited tourist attractions.

Tsukiji Fish Markets

This is the largest market for seafood and is the most well-known for the daily auctions of tuna. Be sure to arrive early (even in case you’re not ready to go for the early dawn tuna auction tickets) because the market is packed early in the morning.

Shiga Prefecture

We stayed with our friends in Shiga prefecture, and we took two days to explore Kusatsu. It was an amazing opportunity to get away from the cities of the world and to get a glimpse of life in the countryside in Japan.