10 ways that you can make your custom vape cartridge boxes stand out

Custom packing has a significant role in selling and promoting Custom vape cartridge boxes. It is designed and developed according to the customer’s demands and keeping in view the characteristics of vape cartridges. There are several ways and methods that you can employ to make your custom vape cartridge box stand out. We will highlight them here to help you develop a unique and sellable Custom vape cartridge boxes.

Start with a sustainable packaging material:

Everyone is using cardboard material for producing boxes. Some even opt for plastic which is very harmful to the environment. The best option is to go for an eco-friendly material like a Kraft sheet. It will go down well with the buyers and develop a socially-responsible of your company. It is also durable, so it is both functional and non-polluting.

Focus on the design of the box:

Custom vape cartridge boxes are nothing if they are not made with attractive artwork. Besides the painting, the overall shape and style of the box also matter. You can make different types of boxes for vape cartridges. Slider, mailer, pillow, etc., are all some of the popular types of boxes that you can use for vapes. These boxes have enough space to create exciting artwork and promote your brand in a big way.

Go the extra mile with packaging:

A custom box is like a medium of communication to talk to your customer. It ought to convey a premium image of your company. To make the box truly marvelous:

Create a layered packing box.

Let the user go through different levels to reach the product itself.

Make custom inserts for vapes, put a fancy printed sheet on it, or wrap the whole box in a light.
They will make the unboxing a memorable experience for the buyer, enjoying it.

Typography is essential:

Typography includes what you choose to write on the box and how you showcase it. Besides the usual information like the brand name, logo, slogan, tagline, etc., you can write other helpful information. You can compare smoking and vaping, write a feel-good message, vaping trivia, etc. To make the text stand out, use a stylish font and accentuate it further; use printing techniques like gold, silver, or multicolor stamp foiling, shading, etching, embossing, debossing, etc. All these will make the custom box stand out.

Laminate the box for some extra oomph:

Lamination not only looks great, but it also protects the box from scratches, tearing, and wear and tear. Lamination adds shine to the box. It also makes the packaging more prominent. Lamination can be in a matte or glossy finish. The matte finish won’t make the box look dull or coarse. On the other hand, it will give it a fuzzy look that many people adore.

Make an impactful logo:

A logo should be the perfect embodiment of your company. It must be eye-catching, meaningful, and not to mention impactful. The logo should look beautiful on the box too. Often, the users recognize a company or its products through its logo more than its name. You must create the design of the custom box such that it ably displays the logo. A logo is a badge a company proudly wears on its chest. Make sure it gets ample representation on the box too.

Window-cut designs are ideal for custom vape cartridge boxes:

A window cut box is perfect for vape cartridges. It shows off the product and helps in attracting customers. The buyers can glimpse the product and gauge its quality to get to know it better. You can customize the cut and design of the window. It does not need to be a straight cut. Be innovative with it and make a novel look of a vape cartridge box.

Custom vape cartridge boxes
Custom vape cartridge boxes

Never lose sight of practicality:

While designing and embellishing the vape box, do not forget about its primary objective; protecting the product itself. Do not make a box where this core duty of the box is either compromise or stalled. Use relevant material, style, and packing aesthetics. Do not create an impractical box.
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Make it like a gift box:

Many users would like to gift vape boxes to their loved ones. So, to facilitate them, why not customize it to look like a gift box. You do not have to produce your entire line of vape cartridge boxes like a gift; instead, develop an exclusive range in a gift box. You can pick your premium range of vapes and put them in the gift box or produce. A unique line of products for them. Either way, the users would appreciate it, and they would sell well over holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s.

Do not compromise on quality:

Lastly, we like to reiterate that never compromise on printing quality. Choose everything carefully and aim to create a gorgeous box. Remember, a vape user is usually a well-to-do man with refined tastes and preferences. So, create a custom box that would appeal to his senses.


That is all about creating a high-quality and unique custom vape cartridge box. We have listed down some of the best methods that you can employ to make beautiful custom boxes. We hope they will help you come up with the best-looking custom box.