Salient features types and advantages of custom donut boxes that you should know

If you own a bakery or donut shop, you better endear yourself to custom donut boxes. After the donuts, these boxes are the best tools for your business promotion. They serve you in more ways than one. This article discusses everything about custom donut boxes and sees how they impact your business.
Features of custom donut boxes

Let us now discuss some of the critical features of custom donut boxes

They come in different sizes:

Custom boxes come in every size. You can have them in a single pc packing or a large box of 12 or even more donuts. For an item like donuts, you will require boxes of different sizes as there are buyers who will buy a one pc box and others who prefer a much larger container.

They provide sufficient protection and support:

You will deal with both takeaway and delivery orders in a donuts business. In both cases, you require boxes that give ample protection to donuts. The containers should be durable and robust enough to carry the donuts over distances safely. They also protect from other elements like dust, heat, bugs, germs, etc.

They are recyclable:

Because custom boxes are made from solid materials, they can be reused for other purposes. You can store different food items or some other stuff in them once the donuts are gone.

They carry innovative printing techniques:

There are several ways to embellish the look of custom donut boxes. They range from etching, embossing, debossing, gold, copper, or silver stamp foiling, UV spot printing, lamination, glossy coating, etc. These techniques give the boxes a distinctive look and make them more presentable.

Different types of custom boxes:

There are many different types of custom boxes available in the market; because of their design and structure flexibility, you can have them in different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the popular types of custom boxes that you can find;

Pull-out boxes:

They come in handy for walk-in customers looking for a quick donut snack that they can have on the go. Pull-out boxes also double as a serving platter. They are easy to use and are cheap too.

Window-cut boxes:

These are especially suitable for donuts as they show them off attractively. You can have the window cut in a straight fashion, or you can custom cut it in different shapes and designs.

Organic boxes:

The use of eco-friendly boxes is also on the rise. They are made with recycled and biodegradable elements. Kraft sheet and chipboard are two popular material choices in this regard. They are also solid and durable.

Gable bags:

It is another popular type of custom donut box. It consists of a gable-shaped bag with a handle. The handle means you can carry it with ease. The gables can have three or four panels.

Tray boxes:

Tray boxes are yet another type of widely used donuts. As the name suggests, these boxes are shaped like a tray, and the donuts are put in them. They are easy to produce, and you can also reuse them.


It is also known as carrying boxes and covers different containers that you can use for transporting donuts. Holders include O-type boxes, single-pc hexagonal boxes, etc. You can customize these boxes with inserts, partitions, and top lids.

These were some of the popular types of custom donut boxes. Of course, you can add more to the list as there is no end to the customization of donut boxes.
Benefits of using custom donut boxes

You can enjoy several benefits by opting for custom donut boxes. We list some of them below;

They look much more presentable:

Compared to simple boxes, custom boxes look more authentic, eye-catching, and attractive. They have the power to pull in the customer, and they engage with the customer like no other.

They carry helpful information:

You can put all sorts of information on the custom boxes. Be it the brand name, tagline, or any other kind of information that will be helpful for the consumers. It could be about the ingredients or the nutritional value of the donuts. Anything that can entice the customer.

They promote your brand:

A custom box is our brand’s silent ambassador. It carries your company’s name, brand, slogan, and all the relevant information related to it. In other words, it is communicating all this information to the prospective buyer who might pick up your donut box and buy it. So, it is promoting your products subtly and subliminally.

They form a perception about the company:

Often the consumer assesses the quality of a product and its company by looking at its customized box. If the package is well-made and of high quality, the customer would assume that the product would be of very high quality too. By looking at the box, he is judging its contents, which makes it all the more vital that you invest in a custom box.

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That sums up our topic on custom donut boxes. We have tried to highlight everything related to custom donut boxes, and we hope we have been successful at it. Please consider custom boxes for your next delivery of donuts.