Creative Ideas For Upcycling Wooden Furniture

Living in a modern world, you’ll not be surprised at seeing all the interior’s innovative design, decor and furniture upgrade ideas. However, there’s more to that because interior designers have proposed a term called “Upcycling” to make use of old, worn-out furniture items and give them a new lease of life.

Actually, furniture upcycling means adding value to a furniture item by making changes in the design, size, and style. In this way, you can completely transform the look and feel of any furniture item by making it look more desirable in terms of the financial, aesthetical, and practical aspects.

Wooden Furniture Upcycling Ideas That Can Turn Trash Into Treasure

In addition to all these benefits, furniture upcycling allows you to play your part in environmental conservation by reducing waste thus, helping the world’s way to a sustainable future. In this article by Plush Furniture, we’re going to explain to you some creative ideas for upcycling wooden furniture items.

1. Give Your Worn-Out Bookcase A Makeover

Do you have an old bookcase that’s of no use in your thinking? If yes, then you can convert that seemingly surplus bookcase into a beautiful display rack. All you need for this purpose is decorative wallpaper and paint.

Start with cleaning the bookcase thoroughly. Then, apply the wallpaper inside the bookcase behind the shelves. You can apply two different yet complementary wallpapers for an astonishing appearance. And the same rule can be applied in the case of paint. The color of the wallpaper and the paint should be chosen according to the theme of the interior where the display rack has to be placed.

2. Transform A Busted Armchair Into Statement Seating

The simplest and easiest of all furniture upcycling ideas comprises chairs as the furniture items because you just have to transform them visually and nothing else. Clean the chair, apply a paint remover, and paint the new coat. Wait for the paint to dry completely.

Meanwhile, you can make a choice of an ideal fabric to upholster your statement seating. Don’t forget to measure the chair dimensions prior to buying upholstery fabric so as to not waste any fabric and save the cost as well. Finish the job by DIY upholstering the chair and your new statement seating is ready to use.

3. Make Yourself A Storage Cabinet Using Damaged Window Shutters

Another great furniture upcycling idea is to make use of shabby shutters for crafting a storage cabinet. Yes, you’ll need to put some more effort into this DIY furniture upcycling task, however, the results will be astonishing besides helping you get rid of storage issues in your home.

First, remove any peeling paint until you can visualize the original wood surface. Next, decide on the cabinet measurements to be crafted. Now, take the shutters and cut them to the size requirements. Now, attach and assemble the pieces using nails.

You’ll need to attach bun feet and knobs to make the cabinet function properly. Not to mention that painting is essential to finish and glamorize the storage cabinet.

4. Convert Your Two-Way Ladder Into A Clothing Rack

While this idea may seem a little bit surprising, it can be super beneficial in terms of both visual and practical aspects. No need to mention that this DIY clothing rack will significantly add to the visual appeal of the interior theme.

You’ll need a two-way ladder, some pieces of wooden planks/boards, and a wooden rod. Cut the wooden rod and planks to the required size. Paint all the elements keeping in view the interior theme. Now, place the wooden planks in between the consecutive ladder steps and attach them from both sides using screws.

Make sure that there’s enough space between two boards to accommodate shoes and other things. Mount the wooden rod on the top slat of the ladder to be used as a cloth hanger. And, your DIY clothing rack is ready to use.

5. Use Wooden Crates To Build A Storage Unit

This creative upcycling idea requires you to make some wooden crates that are neither too small nor too large in size. Once done, you need nothing more to do, and just place these crates on top of each other for the desired storage.

Yes, you may paint the wooden crates completely or only on the inside depending on how you want them to look in the interior. You can place small accessories in these crates for storage such as jars, bottles, baskets, shoes, handbags, etc. Needless to say that the number of wooden crates used can be altered depending on your storage needs.

6. Turn A Wooden Window Frame Into An Entryway Organizer

If you’re looking to utilize your damaged window pane, then the best way is to convert them into an entryway organizer. For this purpose, clean the window frame and sand the wood surface to remove any blemishes. Apply a fresh coat of paint.

To this design, you’ll need to add a chalkboard and a sheet of particleboard into the respective, defined spaces. Also, attach a wooden plank at the bottom, wide enough to place some decorative accessories. Don’t forget to attach a key hanger at the bottom end as well for making the most out of the entryway organizer.

You can beautify the entryway organizer with photos, writings, flower pods, and decorative hangings for adding to the visual appeal as well.

In Conclusion

In this article, we’ve described some creative wooden furniture upcycling ideas that can help you transform your no-use furniture items into visually appealing and practically beneficial solutions. No matter whether it’s your old, worn-out bookcase, a busted armchair, or damaged window shutters, each and every item can be made useful. Follow these upcycling ideas to make the best use of a two-way ladder, window frame, and wooden crates in your home interior.