Creative birthday cake themes for children

Birthday parties are all about imagination, and it is where you can go wild. A wide range of cake themes is available out there. Choose your child’s favorite cartoon character and give it an icy touch while adding your kid’s favorite colors and edible sparkle. All these will be enough to brighten the day for your kid. Whatever you do, plan for something distinct and creative. So, what are the popular creative birthday cakes? Let’s see.

Character cake:

The demand for character-themed cakes is a new trend. Make the perfect sculptures from the molding icing. Make small sets of figures and try to be creative in every possible way. Ask your child about their favorite characters, and sculpt according to them. Use trolls or care bears for making the perfect unique character cake.

Arty crafty cake:

Craft and children are more likely to go together like glue and glitter. If the birthday boy or girl is between six to nine years old, make an arty-crafty cake. Go for cake delivery in Bangalore and choose a simple theme showcasing creamy paint and brush, and delight the young ones involved in the celebration.

Princess castle cake:

Most of the little girls are fond of fairy tales. So, why not enthrall them with a princess castle cake? It is the correct way to reach a little girl’s heart on her birthday. Do not forget to add your child’s favorite colors. Keep the castle white, add blue windows and pink or red-colored toppings to keep the vibe of the room intact.

Princess doll birthday cake:

Most of the little girls are Disney obsessed and like to get dressed as Disney princesses. So, precisely, they will prefer a princess doll birthday cake on their birthday more than anything else. Check out a Barbie doll or a Disney princess to give the cake the shape of a Disney doll, and let the skirt form the base of the cake.

The giant cupcake:

Go “Big” on your child. The term “big” and a giant cupcake go together perfectly. Molds are available for you to purchase, and you can make use of them again and again. Keep the cake colorful as much as possible. Include designs of flowers, sprinkles, and the delicious favorite toppings of your child.

The frozen birthday cake:

The popularity of Frozen cannot be neglected, and its mass craze is continuing to grow. So, when it comes to a birthday celebration of your little ones, go for a frozen birthday cake. It is easy to make, and use edible glitter in bulk, and make Frozen creative as much as you can for your child.

Toadstool house cake:

There is no limit to imagination. Try to be as much creative as possible for the birthday bash of your little one. And when it comes to creativity, the majestic beauty of a fairy toadstool house cake is unparalleled. You can use any sweet delicacies to decorate this innovative cake for your child just by adding edible colors, cream, and frosting.

Ice cream drip cake:

It does not matter whether it is a summer birthday celebration or you just want to brighten a day. For any little boy or girl, a melting ice cream drip cake is delightful. Make the cake crazy with the perfect sprinkles, make your own design, and do not forget to make use of the favorite color of your child.

Rainbow Cake:

Without a rainbow birthday cake, a child’s birthday memories will remain incomplete. So, opt for cake delivery in Gurgaon, and choose a rainbow birthday cake. Itis just the cake where every kid at the birthday party will go “WOW”. Freeze the cake layers in advance, and there is not much skill needed to make this cake. Use edible coloring gelts, and make it bright.

Pinata bashing birthday cake:

A popular way to add flair or spark to your baking is by making a simple and plain cake and hide everything under it with a chocolate dome. Give your birthday star a little hammer to break the shell for revealing the cascade of chocolates and sweets hidden inside. Use candy melts to make the cake utterly delicious.


Birthday cakes make birthdays memorable. These little pieces of art can brighten up any birthday. Fill the birthdays of your child with colors and deliciousness with the above-mentioned unique themed cakes. If you are unable to find the perfect birthday cake for your child, choose MyFloralKart, as they have got the most unique themed cakes for your child’s birthday party.